I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen 157 rain..

Friday night here on the coastal plain. I have settled into “the chair” to A. Ignore the TV and B. Write my blog.  The chair is an interesting story. Not earth shattering, just neat. At my job a few years ago one of my fellow employees mom died undergoing surgery. Her mom was in her 80’s, so there was a risk. The death was not an “expected” outcome.  So after the dust settled it came time for my co-worker to start clearing out her mom’s apartment at the retirement home so that it could be sold. I inherited her mom’s lazy boy chair. The chair was in great condition.

The chair is the favored position for using the laptop. The back go back, your feet go up and you can recline until almost horizontal. I can’t tell you how many naps I have taken in this chair.  At Christmas time the chair goes into the cellar so there is room for the tree. DS2 makes sure that the chair winds up in front of his computer. Then he is impossible to get away from the computer.  Tonight I have settled in to write. The first step is to open the web cam at the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon in Key West. Then I can listen to the artist of the night while writing. When I opened the cam window, the artist was singing James Taylor “Fire and Rain”. Hence, the title for this evening.

I worked from home today. This, if you have been reading all along, is the usual plan for Fridays. I try to sneak a Thursday from home as well when I can. I figure I save 15 dollars a day in tolls and gas by staying home.  Since pay raises are few and far between, getting something extra anyway you can is the best plan.  My employer does not seem to care if I work from the office or work from home. As long as the work get done, what’s the difference? I’m happier working at home and contributing to my happiness does not cost them a thing. Win – Win if you ask me. DW was on call for the morning since there were not any cases scheduled. She went in around lunch time and worked all afternoon.

Dinner tonight was fried rice with shrimp, scallions and miscellaneous vegetables. I was working on a customer’s system and my mind wondered to what I wanted for dinner. I thought I about making pan-fried shrimp with some kind of sauce. I looked in the cupboard to see what kind of sauce packets we had and found a mix for fried rice. The packets had to have been ten years old. They still looked ok. So I decided to make Chinese food for dinner. We had the shrimp and vegetables in the freezer. Eggs, soy sauce were in the  refrigerator. Green onions in the garden. Rice in the cupboard. Bingo, all the ingredients were already in the house.

My DW picked up a nice Chardonnay and we made a dinner out of it. The sauce packets were fine. I may have gone a little heavy on the soy sauce. In true Limeguy fashion, there were leftovers. I just can’t get into the mind-set of cooking for just two people. I make take the leftovers to Scranton. DS2 is a fan of shrimp fried rice.

Saturday into Sunday will be a quick dash into Scranton. Saturday night DS3 will be singing in the Christmas concert for the campus choir. We should get into town in enough time to use the bathroom and find a seat before the 8 pm show starts. After the concert we hope to take the boys and whomever else for pizza somewhere downtown. Sunday we will go to mass at Marywood. Eat lunch with DS2 (and maybe DS3) and then head back to the shore. We get to repeat the process next weekend when DS2 has his concert. Then sometime at the end of that week I will be back up there to bring DS3 home for the Christmas break.  Wow!

Tonight’s picture two pictures come from my trip to Key West two years ago. Enjoy!


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