Heralding in the 156 Christmas season..

The people who work at Word Press have a real sense of humor. Word Press is the company that hosts my blog. After 156 or so postings, I have spent nothing for this service. I did sign up and pay twenty dollars for their convention in Philadelphia this past November.  I was not able to attend, but they got to keep my money. I did not ask for it back. I figure that I have gotten all this software and web space for free. The struggling writer in me has a place to express himself. And, it makes me happy to have a place to vent.

I get emails every few days from Word Press detailing new features and new themes for my blog. I am pretty happy with my current theme. I would like to explore the possible widgets that are available. I just am afraid to make the page to “busy”. Tonight’s email told of how to add “falling snow” to your blog. I said, self, this could be fun. So following their directions, I turned the snow on. If I do nothing it will snow on my blog until January 4, 2012.  I think is cute. Maybe I might change the blog theme to something more stark, so the snow has a greater contrast.  Hmmm, we’ll see.

(Writers aside, maybe like a stage whisper. Just now, while adding pictures to the end of the completed, blog, the computer locked up. It appears that the “auto-save” feature was sleeping. The bottom line is I lost nearly four hundred words. Ugg)

Work for me was busy for most of the day. I had scheduled and completed the tasks that I had planned from the day before. This actuality is quite different from the norm. The norm being schedule for the next day or days and watch the world change your plans. After completing my work for the day around four pm. I went back to building my new desk. You remember from yesterday, two people x three hours.

The part I was up to was the building of the drawers. As I built the first drawer, I realised that the need for the second person would be acute when it came time to turn the desk upright. Since the office was closing/closed, the availability of that second person was  diminishing . I decided to build the big parts leaving the small parts for another day. As I finished the big parts, the company president came by. I pressed him into service to help me flip the desk upright. Hopefully he did not throw out his back.

After flipping over the desk I emptied my old office. The computers and printer are now set  up on the new desk. The “stuff” from the book cases and the walls are sitting in laundry baskets. I will work on them next week. Quite a bit of “stuff” was thrown away. I am sure quite a bit more will be discarded next week as well. This is a perfect excuse to do some house cleaning.

My DW had the day off today. She is attending a conference in Atlantic City on Saturday. Since the hospital won’t pay here overtime for the conference, today was a comp day. Tomorrow she is on call since none of the doctors have any cases scheduled. She will get a call in the morning if this situation changes. Pretty crazy.

Tonight’s pictures are from 2007 when various (you know who you are) family and extended family members met at Moby’s near Sandy Hook of lunch/dinner. Our parents used to take us to Moby’s after visiting Sandy Hook for the day. They have a huge outdoor deck overlooking the river and a draw bridge. What better distraction for children than boats and bridges.  DID somebody say beer and lobsters? YUM!



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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 11:03:47

    You made it snow on Sandy Hook!
    I remember that day. Very nice – I am starting my day with a smile. Thanks!


  2. john davitt
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 12:28:03

    Wasn’t that after graduation ! Loving the snow. Keep it where it belongs…on the computer !


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