Four score and 153 posts ago..

I spent a quiet sick day at home today. The oldest (my suspect) left his cold in New Jersey when he returned to Wheeling on Saturday.  The cold medicine I am taking has cleared my sinuses, so there is just a lingering cough to fight through. I should be back at work tomorrow. In the old days, I would have just gone to work, sick or healthy, it did not matter. Nobody would ever says Dude, you should have stayed home. I guess that made me feel like I was indispensable to the day-to-day operations of the business. Now days, I would rather either work from home when I don’t feel good, or call out sick.

Here is another way the world has changed. In my past jobs I had to call in (on the phone, believe it or not) and talk to someone to tell them that I was sick and not coming into work. Now days, I just shoot an email or a text and the deed is done. It is less personal this way and there is not somebody on the other end of the phone trying to figure out if you are sick or hung over.  When I was the manager I would sometimes badger and cajole my employees to come to work. Especially if there was a big football game the night before and they really were not sick. They just wanted to sleep in. Work was far more important and I made sure they knew it.  Currently I am not in a position to  “motivate” anyone to work when they don’t want to.

When our children are sick my wife would (still does) tell them to lay on the couch and read a book. Fluids and rest. I read a new John Sandford book called Shockwave.  If you have read any of the John Sandford books they are set in or near Minneapolis, Minnesota. The book was good. It went at a fast enough pace to keep me interested without getting bogged down in minutia.

DS2 has spoken with the chair of the music department regarding his surgery in December. She told him to keep her updated. His keyboard professor said he can skip the final. She will use his course grades to determine his final grade for the semester.  DS3 sent his Christmas list via email today. We had discussed some of the list already. He is about 50 ish dollars over budget.  It will all depend on the price of the big-ticket item. The other two children have not yet submitted lists. 

My DW spent four hours today learning a new software package at work.  She was very critical of the instructor. From what I have heard about the process of switching software packages at her hospital there is a very real chance of the  process failing. Since her hospital is among the first adopters of the new software package, if it fails there, things are going to get ugly.  I’ve done the conversion from one package to another job in both the seafood industry and the liquor industry. One of the most important steps in a switch over (other than that the new software actually works) is identifying the stakeholders and the potential “problem” employees. These are the people that have to buy in early, or else. Time will tell. Go live day is January 2, 2012. Tick, tock..

Here are two more pictures off my old cell phone.  The first is a family (those that were present) picture taken at Wheeling Jesuit University in the Spring of DS1’s Junior year.  The second is from 2010 when DS3, my brother the weatherman and I rode our bikes on the trails at  Minnewaska State Park. My sister was there that day as well, but she had car problems and missed this part of the ride.


DS3, DS1, DW Wheeling Spring 2010






DS3 on the top of a mountain Minnewaska State Park

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 13:05:19

    Cool! Love Minnewaska!


  2. john davitt
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 13:23:18

    Launch is January 2nd ? That’s just dumb. That means that the holiday week/weeks are when everything/everyone needs to get trained and changed ? Not going to happen. I predict at launch in mid to late January. My place is ghost two the week before/after the holidays.


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