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Waiting for the pot

Saturday night festivities here at the “mother house” We had one last feast with the boys before they start heading back to college. Dinner tonight was surf and turf. For the surf we had lobsters.

 The Shop Rite had them on sale today. For the turf part of the meal, Shop Rite had rib roasts on sale. We got five lobsters and a three-pound rib roast for dinner.  Ds3 does not like lobsters. He is a huge fan of rib roast. The rest of us will eat either one depending on what shows up on the kitchen table. Dinner was good. Lots of lively conversation going on around the table. When the boys were younger they were expected to tell us something about each of the classes that they attended that day. This taught them to talk at dinner and be part of the conversation.

This afternoon we dragged the boys downtown to take some pictures to be used as our Christmas card. We have been working on a “good” picture session since August. If I had the patience and the right picture software, I could stitch together a decent picture from the candid pictures that I take of them. But, I am too cheap to buy the software, so the kids have to stand together. This gallery includes the pictures that were shot this afternoon. It was like a real photo shoot minus the makeup and the music.  Click on any picture to start the slide show.

I am guilty of indulgence. I enjoyed the picture shoot. In my mind I would have brought the amp, cranked the music, had some Christmas props, maybe the snow machine…  Ok, back to reality.

DS1 has left the building. He is spending the night at his friend’s apartment in Philadelphia. Sunday night he flys back to Pittsburgh and drives 57 miles south to Wheeling. Then, well…three more weeks of school and graduation. We spent some time this weekend trying to help him figure out what he wants to do post college. He does not want to live at home. That works for us.  Not that we enjoy the empty nest but, as a parent it is nice to know what is going on. As a young adult, I chafed at that interest in my life. I understand where he is coming from. Example.. last night he and his buddy were over the house. They had dinner, they had a few beers. They decide to go to Best Buy shopping at 9 pm at night. The next time we see or hear from him is 1 pm in the afternoon. I must have missed the message that he was not coming home last night. Do you have adult children? Then you understand.

Good night moon.