We had a full house tonight for dinner.  DS1 had a friend over. So that makes six around the dinner table. Story alert! When I was growing up my mother would make just one thing for dinner. If you did not like it, too bad. You might come back into the kitchen later and sneak a peanut butter and jelly sandwich if you were hungry. One of my favorite things that she would make to go with dinner was some thing she called Cheese Noodles. The recipe is simple: Boil one pound of your favorite macaroni shape (shells, wagon wheels, whatever). When the pasta was done add butter and stir until the butter was melted. Maybe two tablespoons of butter. Then add one pound of large curd cottage cheese and two generous tablespoons of sour cream. Stir and eat.

While our children were growing up, one popular kid friendly meal would be cheese burgers and cheese noodles.  Recently this meal has come to include hamburger meat from the butcher. Today I took DS3 on a few errands in the afternoon. One of our stops was to get the fresh hamburger patties for dinner. They did not have any made up so they ground up and made us a bag of fresh hamburger patties. At bag consists of 20 burgers. They were outstanding. With four men between the ages of 18 and 23 for dinner. I cooked 16 burgers on the grill. They turned out very well.

For dessert I made Bananas Foster. In between dinner and dessert, we picked up another friend. This one came to visit with DS3. If you don’t know what Bananas Foster is, do a Google search. I make it with the flambe’ and everything. With the proper ingredients in the house and some help from DS2 doing pre-cooking prep, the creation and eating of dessert went real fast. The kids still enjoy the flames from the rum burning off and the sparkles from the cinnamon sprinkled in the flames.

Today started out with what supposed to be our last eye doctor visit with DS2. If you have been following along (or not), he had two detached retinas back in August. He had two surgeries in one week to repair the problems. He was able to return to school only missing two weeks of school. Anyway, the doctor says that the left eye is perfect. The right eye is another story.

Eye drops in, breathe

There is a hole in the retina and the fluid is starting to move behind the retina. This was the original problem. At least the damage at this point is nowhere near the extent before the first surgery. The plan at this point is to do another surgery in December after finals are over. This would allow him the Christmas break to recover. Hopefully he can return to school in January when school resumes.

DS2 seems to be taking it well. We will have to keep an eye (as it where) on him. He will need to reschedule one of his finals. The doctor can do the surgery on the day of his last final. Then the next day he is available is a week later. So getting the surgery done as early as possible gives him the most recovery time before the Spring semester starts. It would be ideal if he did not miss any school. With DS2 missing the first two weeks of school this fall, he has been in constant catch up mode. He plays it down, but missing those weeks has definitely changed the semester for him.

We did not do any Christmas shopping today. DS3 helped me get the leaves out of the front yard. He purchased a air soft gun back in June. It fires plastic bb’s.

DS3 air soft practice

He and DS1 were shooting at makeshift targets in the back yard this afternoon. He has not played with the air soft since August since the guns stays home when he is in school.  That wraps up the day here in New Jersey. The doctor visit was a disappointment (on the right side), having the children and their friends in and out of the house all day has been fun.