The Thanksgiving visit from BSD post 149..

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  If your country does not celebrate Thanksgiving with the United States, then Happy Thursday to you. This morning started off with my laptop displaying the Blue Screen of Death (BSD) when we got up.  I have to say as computer professional that I enjoy a challenge. Maybe not on Thanksgiving. The long and short of it is the computer is up and running mostly correctly. It does seem to have a lag that was not there before. I will continue to monitor the behavior with an eye toward replacing the hard drive and reloading from scratch.

We celebrate Thanksgiving each year with my wife’s mother, step father and my DW’s sister, husband and two kids. Dinner is in Brick which is about half way between the two daughter’s houses. I deep-fried another turkey today. This one turned out great, just like yesterday’s turkey. If you read yesterday’s blog you will remember that I fry a turkey each year at work for our work Thanksgiving party. Dinner went well. My MIL makes home-made manicotti for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. They are the best. The rest of the meal was great. No drama at the table. All the children seem to have been on their best behavior.

After dinner most of us went to watch (sleep) a football game on tv. It was a very low-key afternoon. As I sat down to write my blog tonight I realised that I did not take any pictures today. Hmmm. I even brought my good camera with me. I guess I got caught up with cooking the turkey and visiting.  Tomorrow morning we have an 8 am appointment with DS2’s eye doctor. If all goes well this will be our last visit.

That is all for tonight. The picture of the day comes from April 2005.


Family 2005 on deck of Intrepid NYC