Sanity check, please..148

Ok, where did my sanity go?  It is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. All three of our children are home from college.  Things are a little overwhelming. I am not complaining, just wondering where my sanity went. We went to dinner at a local bar/restaurant tonight. Four of us had the wagon wheel pizza, DS2 wanted the stuffed flounder special.  DS1, my Dw and I split three pitchers of beer. DS3 drove home. That boy (DS1) can drink. He talked DS3 into driving him to another bar so he (DS1) can hang out with his friends.  I am glad he is not driving.

Since today was the day before Thanksgiving, our company had their annual Thanksgiving dinner. everyone brings something to share.  This year I brought and fried a turkey.

Time to cook the turkey

This is my standard offering. I have all the tools. Yesterday I wrote about Chicken 65. This was offered by one of our Indian employees.

Chicken 65

Nobody was brave enough yesterday to ask what Chicken 65 is. We all figured that we would wait until today to see. Here is a picture of Chicken 65. When the day started, the tray was full Now it is time to pack up the leftovers. The chicken was tasty, not too spicy. You might think from the very red color that the heat would be off the scale. That was not the case with this dish.

At the restaurant they put us in the party room. Just the five of us. The upside was that we did not have neighbors. We could talk and joke and have fun without worrying about upsetting the table next to us. I guess the only downside was that they could not get the tv’s working correctly in this room. This allowed all of us to talk, not having the distraction of the tv.

It really was a good afternoon and evening with the boys. When I arrived home, DS2 was in the cellar. DS3 had four friends over and they were playing DS2’s guitar and ukulele in the living room. SO there were 7 people in the house when I got home from work There were two people in the house when I woke up.

Before dinner I got the boys to stand together for a picture.

The boys Thanksgiving 2011

I am not happy with any of the pictures. I will work harder tomorrow with a better camera. After dinner we went home. DS2 retreated to the cellar. DS3 drove DS1 to see his friends. After dropping off DS1, DS3 took the car to a friend’s house. All the old high school friends are going out tonight.  DS3 asked if he could join them and sleep over his friend’s house.  I said yes and yes. He needs to reconnect with his buddies.

It is bed time for me. DS2 and I went out for haircuts before dinner this evening. These two pictures are of DS2. The first picture is a before the haircut, the second picture as after the haircut.,



DS2 before his haircut


DS2 after his haircut