147 = People are crazy

All the birds are heading to home to the roost tomorrow. Now if this monsoon would end, there might be something left for them to visit. We went to yoga tonight, I was “centered” upon arriving home until I got out of the car and stepped into a huge puddle. Hmmm, breathe in then out. Think happy thoughts, nah just scream!  See, that was easy. Where is the Staples button to push? 

Children, Oldest drove to Pittsburgh (about an hour north of Wheeling) and flew to Philadelphia. He is spending the night with a high school friend whose mom lives on LBI, while he lives in Philadelphia.  They will come back to the shore sometime on Wednesday. The other two children are traveling from Scranton to the shore some time Wednesday morning. I hope the rain has let up by then. With any luck we could have a full house for dinner Wednesday night.  The silly thought is that we haven’t a clue what is for dinner tomorrow night. We don’t have to plan ahead when there are only two of us involved.

Wednesday our company will have our annual Thanksgiving dinner. everybody brings something. I am frying a turkey again this year. One of the Indian employees is bringing something called Chicken 65. Nobody was brave enough to ask what this was. I guess we will find out on Wednesday. Work has been crazy for both of us. I can’t imagine if Thanksgiving and the full moon happened at the same time.  Simple things are an emergency.  I must have said a dozen time today “People are crazy”. So just smile and keep trying to move forward.

Tonight’s picture is from June 2011. This picture was taken before DS3’s senior prom. Notice the Griswold mobile in the background. It transported DS3 back and forth to school and work for an entire year. Enjoy!


DS3 June 2011 before Senior Prom