I talk, you listen for post 145..

Ouch, you might even think “That is a little strong for a blog title”. It is, but if you have been reading for a while, you can probably guess that there is more going on here than meets the eye. This is Sunday night in New Jersey. My DW and I spent the weekend on Scranton doing things with the two college children that live there.  Saturday night we attended at Marywood, in their black box theatre, two plays produced by seniors in the College of Music, Theatre and Dance.  These were senior capstone projects and a requirement for graduation. We did not know the seniors, but were interested what the plays were about.

We watched the two plays with DS2. The plays were “Miss Witherspoon” and “Tuesdays with Morrie” Both of the productions were very well done. The Miss Witherspoon play was about a women being reincarnated, even though she was not interested. Tuesdays with Morrie was about a student and his teacher and their relationship. The story mostly focused on the end stage of the teachers life and the lessons that the now successful adult learns. Quite a few of the audience members were crying at the end.  During the play, the student would visit the teacher each Tuesday. At the end of the play, the student goes to the grave site on a Tuesday and has a picnic where he talks and the teacher listens. I went today and talked, and I hope they listened.

Yesterday’s post title about the N. Washington race track was written and published without an explanation. I was too tired. I may have written about this, I fact I am sure that I have. Basically to get from one college to the other and back your spend all day driving back and forth on N. Washington (and sometimes on Adams). The traffic lights are timed to make sure you stop and see the sights (right). Potholes and used car lots are your constant companions.  Well, we did bounce from one side of the city to the other quite a few times.

Saturday morning as I wrote yesterday, we delivered Thanksgiving baskets to some of the needy in Scranton.  My mother would say that good deeds should not be discussed. Just do them and keep your mouth shut. I get her point, who want to hear someone brag about all the “good deeds” that they have done.  But here is another take on talking about pitching in to help your fellow human being. Maybe by making an effort and talking about it, we might inspire others to make the effort. That could be contagious. 

After doing our turkey day activities my DW and DS2 went to see two of the Music Therapy seniors give their senior vocal recitals. I headed downtown to pick up DS3 so that we could practice lacrosse on the turf field at Marywood. During the morning turkey day project I saw quite a few of the lacrosse team members. Every time Sr. John needed someone to do something needing a stong back, my DW volunteered the lacrosse players. We talked some and they told me that there was no captains practice scheduled that day. I said, oh well, I brought my gear. They probably don’t know what to think of me. So, DS3 and I went down to the field around 1:30 pm and practiced offensive drills together until around 3 pm when the players started showing up.

Turns out they had a practice Saturday afternoon after all. Did they have  the pick up game / practice since I was there and disappointed about them not playing? That my be a stretch. During the time I was working with my son I had my big amp and Sirius Satellite radio playing on the field. When the kids came down to the field we were having a break and a drink so I turned the music down. When it was time to play ball again, I turned the music back up. I looked up from adjusting the volume and of the about 15 lacrosse players on the field warming up, 12 of them had started dancing to the music! Not with each other, these are guys, just dancing. When I told my DW this later she said, “Well you know, this is an arts school”. It was pretty neat. And during the practice one of the players missed an obvious pass, his buddies razzed him about missing the pass. He said “Hey, I like that song!”  DS3 and I stopped playing at 4 pm. The kids were still going strong, but we had been playing since 1:30 and I was beat.

Saturday night we ate dinner at the Oska Japanese Restaurant in Scranton. DS3 walked down from school. We drove the race track from the Radisson downtown to Marywood then back down to the court-house square where the restaurant is located. I was a little leery about eating there since three of the most google reviews were negative and when we drove by earlier, the place looked empty. The food was good. Our local hibachi restaurant does a better job. After dinner, DS3 went back to the U and we went back up the race track to Marywood. DS3 had laundry to do. And his girl friend was finishing up her studying for the night.

Sunday we went to mass to see DS2 play his trumpet.  I have written several times about the mass at Marywood. My DW says she considers the college church our “home” parish. We both feel welcome there. Now move it 200 miles closer. After mass we went to the Buck Town Diner in Dunmore for breakfast. DS2 had homework to do so we took him back to school and after saying good-bye to him we started the leaving Scranton ritual. Maybe ritual is too stong. I like to visit my parents while we are up there. It just seems that we say good-bye to the children, say hello and good-bye to my parents, grab a coffee and head home.  Same story agin today.

DS3, you probably wondered why he was not mentioned during the Sunday rundown. He and his girl friend and many other Scranton students went on a bus trip to New York City today. He met up with my brother the weather man for a few minutes while he was in town. Then they went to Radio City, walked around and played tourist. He texted around 5 pm that they were back on the bus heading to Scranton. At 7:15 pm tonight, my DW tells me that CNN is reporting a foiled terror plat in New York City today. She says “My youngest goes to NYC for the first time by himself (not really alone) and they have a terror plot foiled”.  He is fine and heading home. I texted this information while he was on the bus. His reaction, good deal, they are doing their jobs.

That is all for tonight. I do have one funny turkey day delivery story to tell. I will save it for one day this week. I think it is funny. We will have to wait and see.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!


Old Forge Pizza DS2's MT club meeting Friday


DS2 and DW at turkey day activities


New science building University of Scranton


DS2 at Oska


Me and DS3 having a break during lacrosse practice

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  1. john davitt
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 13:18:08

    Ouch. That old forge pizzza picture hurts. Now I’m hungry. Good to see LAX is alive and well in Scranton. I’m still trying to find it down in Virginia, maybe I’ll look around some of the schools down there


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