All about the dogs and cats in 143

Have you ever played Apples to Apples? I have not. Before this evening I never even knew such a game existed. Today I learned something new, that makes this a good day. Did I actually play Apples to Apples?  Nope. But, DS2 is playing the game as I write tonight. Tonight is a get together for the Marywood Music Therapy students. Apparently the evening will consist of no less than eating Chipwich sandwiches and playing Apples to Apples.  He was very excited about tonight when we spoke the other day.

DS1 texted twice and actually called home today. His roommates both got puppies yesterday. He sent pictures

New puppy at the WV home of DS1

of the new additions

The other new puppy at the WV home of DS1

to their home. When they went to get the dogs they asked him if he wanted to get one as well. DS1 said, “Well, if I bring home a dog, my parents will say, Where is YOUR  going to live? And what will you feed YOUR dog? And who will take care of YOUR dog?” And he is right. Once he has a place of his own if he chooses to have a pet, more power to him.  The rest of his call was just normal adult stuff, no requests for money!

My youngest was also sent the pictures and texted repeatedly trying to find out why his older brother was sending pictures of puppies. I am sure he was disappointed to hear that DS1’s roommates had the dogs, not his brother. We are not against pets. But, we don’t have time during the day to walk the dog. When we travel see the children for the weekend, who watches the dog? Who feeds, walks, takes to the vet and cleans up after the dog? Neither of us currently are interested. We had a cat for about 14 years and we are taking a break from pets. Expanding our horizons. 

Today was a work from home Friday (WFH). I like WFH days since all I have to do get the laptop onto the kitchen table and make my coffee. No drive, no tolls and no grief.  As an added bonus my DW was flexed from work today. This means she had an unscheduled day off due to there being no cases in her unit. So she either takes a vacation day or she takes the day off without pay. This is a good deal for the hospital, not such a good deal for the nurses. She has been working on a clinical care ladder project for sometime. When completed she will be recognised by her employer for the excellent work she does and paid extra for being such a highly skilled employee. She spent a good part of the day using one of the kids computers in the cellar working on her project.

One last picture for tonight. This comes from November 2010 when our cat was still alive. Here is DS3 with the cat on his lap sitting at the kitchen table. Enjoy!


DS3 and Oliver


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