Time to turn the 141 (post) page..

Cue the Bob Segar music “Turn the Page” I have always liked this song. I guess I felt as a young man. that I could identify with the write/singer of the song. Now at this age, I just like the song. It is nostalgic (trip to a long time ago).  I did not set out to write about this song, my identity as a young man and getting older. But, I guess I just did. The real reason we cued the Bob Segar song is that I resigned from the lacrosse parents association this evening.

I was the association for the first two years, then the president of the association for the next six years. I had two children go through the high school lacrosse program, playing four years apart. At the banquet last year there were plaques and such after my eight years of service. I spent most of the summer and fall thinking about what is next for me now that the kids are in college. I have not had any contact since June with the coaches or the team. I guess the practiced over the summer. They may have played in a fall ball league and are probably getting ready for a winter indoor league. I just don’t know. And that is ok.

We (my DW and I) were very active in all the programs our children participated in. Football, Lacrosse, Marching Band, Indoor Drum Line, Jazz Band and ROTC. We went to the meetings, ran some meetings and bought the various fundraisers. Now it is someone else’s turn. I have very fond memories of the players, the parents and the coaches. I will miss the three games a week in April and early May. My employer will be surprised when I don’t ask for any vacation time this spring. My usual request is early dismissal often, and many days off to go watch my two boys play. As you know the oldest is done as well. I guess that leaves me as the only lacrosse player in the house playing regularly.

This is my big news. Bitter sweet, but the right decision. Maybe in a few years I will get involved again, I just don’t know. I would prefer to move south and adopt a new high school to volunteer my time.  Who knows, with my DW getting back into college, my free time will change since she will need study time. I am good at doing laundry, I just hate to fold clothes.

Tonight’s pictures come from August 2008. We were in Lake Placid for the lacrosse tournament. DS2 was home alone. During the afternoon of August 10, there was a thunderstorm that dumped a huge amount of hail on our neighborhood. Here are the pictures he shot from that day.  Enjoy!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Nov 17, 2011 @ 10:09:27

    Big step – congrats!


  2. john davitt
    Nov 17, 2011 @ 12:23:32

    Crack a beer for a job well done


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