140 Letters to say what is on your mind (post)..

Really this is post 140 for me. 140 days since I turned 50. So far so good.  If you are a Twitter person (I am), then you know that you only get 140 characters to express yourself. That includes spaces. I have seen some really clever abbreviations in Tweets. Two of my children tweet. DS2 is a frequent poster, DS3 just started, but he shares from time to time a tweet from his college life.

My DW heard from all three children today. I mean she actually spoke with each of them. That is a rarity with everybody being somewhere and different schedules. Two out of three called to say congratulations regarding her acceptance in to Drexel’s Master of Nursing program. The oldest missed the news because he won’t read my blog. His loss. If someone were to ask him what is going on at home or how are your brothers doing in school, he probably would not have a clue.  The oldest did congratulate her when he heard the news. He really called looking for a phone number.

Work was again busy for both of us. We went to yoga tonight together. This is the class held on the floor of the 9/10 high school library. The adult school in town organizes this class and many others. Usually this class has about 10 to 12 people in attendance. Tonight there were only 5, but everybody who showed up took the same floor spots that we would have taken if everybody had shown up. People are creatures of habit for sure. We took country line dancing about 15 years ago at the adult school. That was fun. We got some excercise and had quite a few laughs. I also took a tarot card reading class. I have forgotten most of what I learned from that class. It was several (5 ish) years ago. I still have my cards.

A few pictures tonight to wrap it up. These pictures are from the May 2011  Rachmaninoff Choir Concert at Marywood University. Click on one to start the slide show. Enjoy!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Nov 15, 2011 @ 23:23:54

    Which Master’s is Sue going to work on?


  2. Leo Davitt
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 06:19:15

    I see DS2 playing Santa at a kid’s part in the not too distant future :-). Amazing how much he’s become an adult, time really flies.


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