Drexel University wants you, post 139..

When I came home tonight from work I was greeted by the next college student in our house. She says, “I got the big envelope!”. To that I replied, “ummm, ok. ” Then she showed me the envelope from Drexel University.  She has been accepted into their Masters of Nursing program.  Yea, good for her!. The obvious “her” would be my DW since she is the only women in the house. She is pretty excited. I am excited to see where this will take her.

The story behind the “big envelope”? If you have or maybe some day will have children that apply for college, getting the big envelope is a good thing. If your admission letter is in a business sized envelope, you most likely have not been accepted. If you got the big envelope full of this and that, you most definitely have been accepted.

On to the boring, hum drum, everyday news. We both worked full days today. Tonight she had yoga with the ladies. I had lacrosse with the guys. Neat how that works out.  We had enough guys to play two full teams, but there were no goalies tonight. In place of goalies we flipped the wide side of the goal down and put a trash can in the hole to reduce the size of the opening. The game was not as competitive without a goalie. Who wants to go home and say “Honey, I had a hat trick against an upside down goal with a trash can inside!”  There was lots of passing and running. I play with a good group of guys. I did have one goal against the trash can to end the game.

Children, DS1 called to chat, looking for grocery and gas money. We discussed his plans for Thanksgiving travel. DS2 had a Jazz  Band Dance performance last night which ran late. He said that he had a good time. DS3 posted on Facebook about this being the one month anniversary with Caroline. I reminded him to do his homework. I am a parent aren’t I? LOL

Off to bed for me. This picture was sent in my a long time reader who has not kept up with his blog reading. DS2 has hung this flag on the wall of his dorm. He wants to study abroad, maybe Australia. Keep following your dreams young man! Enjoy!


DS2's dorm room

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  1. Christina
    Nov 15, 2011 @ 11:30:33

    WOO HOO! Congrats to Sue!!!


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