Getting off at exit (post) 138…

Another nice day in New Jersey weather wise. Sunny, temperatures in the low 60’s, and it is mid-November.  Last night we did the hot tub hop with the fire and the clear sky. I did not see any shooting stars last night. Some nights we see one or two. We have gone out when the children were younger during a meteor storm and see lots of meteors. usually the best viewing is around 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning. Just what you always wanted to do. Get up in the middle of the night, put in your contacts and go outside in the cold (always during the winter) and sit in the hot tub hoping for a meteor show. We have been disappointed a few times, but we hit a home run almost as many times.

Today was a typical Sunday for us. Breakfast, newspaper, email, internet, shower then grocery shopping. Since the Giants had the afternoon game the Jets have the night game, our usual grocery shopping time was crowded with football fans. No worries. We stopped by the local fish market looking for Florida Stone Crabs to go with dinner. There were none to be had. At the Shop Rite, they had Stone Crabs.

Stone Crabs

I asked the lady to put one on a piece of paper so I could smell it. She usually works in the deli, so she looked at me strange, but did as I asked. I was happy with the lack of smell in the knuckle when the knuckles are flexed. This is one way to see if the meat inside is fresh. I bought six claws (three for each). Came to almost thirty dollars. They were pretty big claws for stone crabs.

We also splurged on a Bone in Rib Roast. We have not had one all fall since the kids went away to school. The butcher cut us an end cut, single rib roast. It was good. Yum, yum. After dinner I walked the rib bone across the street to our neighbor so his dog could enjoy the bone. DS3 used to do this job, now I am the guy with the plastic bag that drives the dog crazy. The dog knows exactly what is going on when I stop by. The owner is a single man a little older than I. His mother lives in Wiles Barre, PA. He grew up the greater Scranton area. Talk about a small world.

Small world, here is another example. Last week we were in Scranton for a concert. We brought the program home and did not look at it again for a week. Today my DW says, do you remember somebody from Glen Ridge named X? I told her I did, and that she lived up the street from Uncle Dude. It turns out this person was the undergrad voice teacher for the women who sang the solo in the concert Sunday afternoon at Marywood. My mother used to say, “Be on your best behavior because you never know who is watching”. This might have been ment to scare us and keep us out of trouble, but is certainly was and is true.

Tonight’s picture comes from 2007 when DS3 was in 8 th grade. This is from the after season picnic for the Stafford Lacrosse team. Enjoy!


DS3 - 2007