Sunny 137 Saturday post ’em..

Here is an example of a photo gallery. These are all pictures that I shot today with my phone. Click on any picture to start the slide show.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that. I got an email from Word Press during the week and one of the things they were teaching was making picture galleries.

The story behind the pictures. The first three are of the undercarriage of our van. As you may have read back on Sunday night (Post 131) that while driving out of Scranton on Rt 307 we drove over a deer that had just been hit in the left lane. The car has stunk all week. We took the car to the car wash and got the undercarriage cleaning. I guess they don’t clean the undercarriage very well.  After we returned from our chores, I got a flash light and stuck my head under the car to take a look. Yuck and yuck. I could not resist taking pictures.

The rest of the pictures are from a trip to Seaside Park and the boardwalk. This is the area where the Jersey Shore is filmed when they are in New Jersey. We did not see any of them today, not that I would know what they looked like. The real reason to drive to Seaside was for lunch. We wanted to eat at the Berkeley Fish Market. Their website is down. Well, the restaurant is closed (for the season?) and the sign said the bar was open, but the doors were locked. Next store is Bum Rogers Tavern and Crab House. We had a great lunch. My DW had mussels in a marinara sauce. We shared the fried calamari and I had the gumbo. It turns out from talking to the bartender – waiter, that the gumbo and the garlic crabs are their signature dishes. I really enjoyed the gumbo. It was exactly what I was looking for today for lunch.  Do you want to get in and out, probably not where you would go. The food was good and they are open in the off-season.

We did have a nice stroll on the boardwalk after eating lunch. People were all bundled up against the cold. It really was not that bad. The temperatures were in the upper 50’s. It was breezy, but with the wind coming from the bay side towards the ocean, walking in the lee of the boardwalk shops provided shelter from the wind. Heck, I had shorts on, how cold could it been? Those that know we will understand the joke. When I worked in the wholesale fish market in Philadelphia, I would wear shorts all year round. The office I worked in was 70 plus degrees and the customer service/access windows would allow in the 30 degree winter cold. So I wore a jacket to keep the top half warm and shorts so that the bottom half was comfortable. And yes, they thought I was nuts.

Children, so far, pretty quiet. I pushed them to get outside and see the sunshine. DS2 told us that today was an Open House day. He says that the food on Open House days are always the best. He was not disappointed. He also had a trumpet lesson at 3 pm and some Music Therapy paperwork to take care of today.  DS1 and Ds3 seemed to enjoy the pictures. I imagine that the cringe and roll their eyes after getting three or four pictures in a couple of hours from me.

I’m done early tonight blogging. I put some logs in the chiminea and we will be doing the hot tub hop tonight.



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  1. Christina
    Nov 12, 2011 @ 22:48:00

    Great NJ Shore pics – hot tub sounds nice- think I will follow your example!


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