What happened to the sunshine at post 136..

I mean nothing happened to the sunshine. There is just less of it this time of year. Today was a Work From Home Friday for me. As I was working at my kitchen table Friday office, I watched the sun go down. I had to turn the lights on a little past 4:30 so I could see my work.  And the same schedule happens every year (it getting dark earlier). So suck it up you say. I am in for that, I just dread thirty more days until the sunlight portion of the day get longer. Note to self: don’t move up near Arctic Circle, duly noted.

Today was Veterans Day in America. Thank you to all our veterans. Without you, there would be no America.  I am not a veteran. I had the chance to join up when I was much younger. Actually there is a story here. Not a life lesson, just a fork in the road moment. Story alert! This story goes back to the spring of 1980. I had graduated high school in June of 1979. My big plans after high school were to attend the University of Idaho for Forestry Management. The thought then was I had spent much of my childhood outdoors, and had an interest in nature and growing things. Forestry Management is about sustainable forests. It was an office job (good pay) that would get you outside for some of the time. For various reasons mostly forgotten, my plans fell through before it was time to head off to school. At this point I was living in a rooming house. One room, shared bathroom.

I applied at the last-minute and was accepted into Upsala College in East Orange. I attended school for the fall semester. Uncle Dude, who we met previously was thinking about joining the Army. He was not in college and adrift. I had dropped out of college and adrift.  We were both working, but not really going anywhere. I had a girl friend (my current best friend and DW), he did not. We got to talking one day (probably over a beer or three) and he decided he was  going to enlist. Back in 1980 the United States was coming off a bring drafted army to a volunteer army. Just some historical background about the times. Anyway, he left my place that night to back home to his parents house. The next day was the big day. I told him, dude, stop by in the morning and we’ll enlist together. He never came by. So, I continued working, he went off to Korea.  The rest is history.

November 11 has another significance in my life. This is the day in 1999 that my mother died. She had been suffering from pancreatic cancer before she died. The last three months of her life were very painful to her . While I miss her most days, she is in a far better place.

On to happier memories. Today DS2 tweeted and texted raving about the excellent Corned Beef that was served at Marywood for lunch. It must have been good since he does not share as much this year as last year. DS3 is going to a play on campus tonight with his girl friend. We spoke for a few minutes today discussing next semester’s plans.

This picture is of Maclearie Park in Belmar, NJ. It is on the Shark River. I ate lunch here Thursday looking to the beautiful view. Enjoy!


Maclearie Park

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