No graduation walk for post 135..

135 = (1 + 3 + 5)(1 \times 3 \times 5)  what is the point?  Just some Wikipedia math fun. The post number is the sum of the post number added times the sum of the post number multiplied. Kinda neat! When I am stuck for an opening I am not too ashamed to do a google search of the post number and see where that leads me. I usually find something interesting to share. Once the fingers get typing, then the flood gates are opened and anything is possible. Writing subject matter wise, that is.

Tonight we got a phone call from our oldest child. He is finishing up his final semester at Wheeling Jesuit University. He will be finished in December. A few weeks ago we asked him if he was going to walk in the December graduation ceremony. He said he was not interested. We told him that we would be disappointed to not see him walk. We also would like a picture (or three) of him in his cap and gown. Graduating from college is something special that should be celebrated and shared. Tonight he called to say that he had spoken with his advisor about graduation. At his school there is no December graduation ceremony. If you graduate in December, you can come back in May and walk with the class. He said if his grandmother wanted to travel out for graduation, he would walk for her.

I asked how he was going to get his diploma. He said that they would mail it to him. That is a let down after four plus years. His advisor said that he needs to speak with the registrar to see how much “graduation” costs are. Costs for what, I asked? He did not know. I told him when he goes there to get the cost itemized. Then he should ask what the cost would be to graduate in May and walk with the class. Who thinks that graduating in December and graduating in May have the same total “graduation” expenses?  Raise those hand up high.  Maybe I am too much of a cynic after four plus years at this school.

DS2 tweeted that today was the Birthday of the IHM order of nuns. This is the group that runs Marywood University. I texted asking if there would be birthday cake at dinner tonight. He did not respond. I think he is in orchestra on Thursday evenings.  Ds3 showed up on Facebook in the Royal Warrior Battalion page. The MS1 (first year military science) student had PT in the pool at Marywood yesterday morning. They were learning among other things, how to swim in their clothes. In the picture of the morning swim you will find DS3 in the back row, all the way on the right side. Soaking wet. Enjoy!


MS1 pool PT November 9, 2011