All powerful, all knowing post 134..

Cue the smoke, hurry, cue the smoke before that pesky dog pulls the curtain back. If the dog see me, I will have to take him/her to Dog Yoga!  I wonder if the dog enjoys the guided meditation as much as I do? Really, they do have dog yoga. I have not yet done it, but I will one day when I visit my sister in Washington State. I’m sure she has a dog that I can borrow 🙂

Crazy opening tonight. I am pretty agitated from work. Somebody moved my cheese and I am not happy. Time to move my cheese back to where it belongs. Among the transgressions of the week, my employer has asked me to move my office from where I have been for about six years to another part of the building. Upside, I will possibly get more privacy, an office with a door that closes and it gets me out of the direct support firing line. Only by being out of sight, out of mind. Downside, the room has been the company test lab for four years and it is full of ummm, stuff. When I was asked/told about moving I asked if the room was cleaned out. The answer (total bs, and I knew it) was, well – mostly. That is like my DW saying “maybe”. Lets cut to the chase, just say I don’t know or no. I looked today, filled with stuff.

The second problem is that I expected to leave behind my desk, book-case and other office furniture. I astutely asked about a new desk, same well maybe voice says, yea, we should get a new one and leave the current one where it is.  LOL.  I have to laugh. I really don’t mind, and the cheese will always be there, somewhere. But really, how about I work from home full-time and save the expense of the desk, book-case and other office furniture?  I could save the sixty ish dollars of gas and 25 dollars a week in tolls. That would be a nearly 100.00 week raise without the company spending any money at all!  Win and Win for everybody!   Never happen, bust that balloon, start moving the furniture. The reason for the change is the alleged hiring of another support person. The company is in the resume and interview phase.

I have one more short story about yesterday and the election. During the day, around 11 am, a man came up to the desk with a white plastic bag in his hand. He said hello to all four of us and asked who was the Republican poll worker at the table? I said “I am” and he handed me a sub sandwich courtesy of the Ocean County Republican Party! Ummm, how about the other three people? No sandwiches for them. They were Democrats!  And no, the Democratic Party did not come by later with sandwiches.  I felt kind of funny having a sandwich and nobody else getting one. A little while later one of my co-workers came back from visiting another district with a sandwich in his hand. One of the Republicans gave him the sandwich since they did not want it. So we we shared the sandwiches around. I would have felt funny eating it in front of them.

Politics, crazy.  Tonight you get one unrelated picture from Decenber 2010. Here is DS2 during dinner at Kildare’s in Scranton. Enjoy!



DS2 Decemebr 2010


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 23:36:06

    Yes – we have dogs to spare! We’lll save you one – Doga wednesday nights 6:30-7:30 at our house. Namaste.


  2. john davitt
    Nov 14, 2011 @ 13:40:56

    Wow. The republicans brought by a sandwhich and to check that the proper people were there ? I’m impressed and mystified


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