A safe journey during post 131..

Today started very early this morning. We spent Saturday night in the Radisson Hotel in Downtown Scranton.  Around 3:45 (really 2:45 due to day light savings time) our neighbors across the hall returned from wherever they had spent the night. They spent the next 15 or 20 minutes yelling in the hall, bouncing off the walls and our door. Finally security came up and got them to disperse. The security guard spent probably another 15 minutes in the hallway making sure they did what they were told. The beds in the room were those “Sleep Number” beds which you can set the firmness to any level on either side. They were fine,what was needed were “Sleep Number”pillows. The pillows were too soft and neither of us got a good night sleep.

Once the sun came up we headed over to Marywood for mass. DS2 played his trumpet and sang during the mass.

DS2 waiting for mass to start

My DW (The Birthday Girl) and I were only two of the no more than 5 non college students at the mass. In this picture he is waiting for mass to begin. The rest of the people either singing or playing an instrument were girls. He had to explain to them who that man was taking pictures in church. Somebody has to do it, it was me. Father Brian did a great job with the homily. I’m sure his talk was not written by some committee in some office. It made sense to me and probably to the students in attendance.

After mass we went to brunch at the Marywood cafeteria. The food there is ok. Sometimes things could be hotter, but try to feed a huge group and get all of the food hot all of the time is a challenge. In this picture,

DS2 and his Mom

DS2 and his mom are standing under a tress with leaves and pretty fall colors. On the way in as we drove through the Poconos, where the trees were already bare. Down in the valley, the leaves are still turning. We took him food shopping and then off to the Viewmont Mall to exchange a pair of pants that we had purchased on-line and had shipped directly to school.

After we dropped him back off at school so he could get ready for his concert, we stopped by (un-announced, the Lime Guy way) at my cousin Marty and Elaine’s house. They lives in the house where my father was raised. We chatted for a bit, catching up on families, siblings and such. As we start spending more time in Scranton, we are trying to schedule some extra time in our trips to reacquaint ourselves with some of the Scranton family that we have not seen in years. After this nice visit, we stopped by to see my parents.

Four o’clock and it was time for the Wind Ensemble concert at Marywood. Before we went back to school, we stopped across town and picked up DS3 and his girlfriend. She is a very nice girl. The concert was really good. There are concert pictures and other weekend pictures in my real camera. I will download them on Monday and hopefully add a few to the blog later this week.

While we were having fun in Scranton, two of my brothers were running in the New York City Marathon. 26.2 miles on a bike is a decent ride, never mind running that distance. 

Done and Done, finished the NYC Marathon

They both finished, yea for them!

We had a light dinner at a pizza place down the street from Marywood. we have eaten here before. Casual, clean, decent service. Then we dropped the boys (and girl) back at their schools, grabbed a latte from Duncan Donuts and headed home. On 307 headed towards I 380 there were a bunch of cars on the shoulder, so we slowed down and moved into the left lane to give them some space. Thump, we ran over the deer carcass that one (or more) of them had just hit. Yuck!. I kept driving, the car seems fine. I does not make any new noises that I know of. Hopefully it is ok.

That is it for tonight,



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  1. Christina
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 20:02:02

    Thank you – I look forward to your posts every day!


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