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Tonight’s post comes from the Radisson Hotel in Downtown Scranton. We traveled up north to visit the two younger children this weekend. Tomorrow is my DW’s birthday. We celebrated tonight at Kildare’s Restaurant across the street from the hotel. DS2 and DS3 were in attendance as was DS3’s roommate, Dustin.

Dw with birthday cake

This picture is from tonight, my DW with her birthday cake.

This picture is of my

Funny face

DS3 making a funny face at the table while we wait for our food to come.

DS2 had his dress rehearsal for the concert this afternoon. While he was having his rehearsal, DS3, Dustin and I went looking for a field to play lacrosse on. The field at the University of Scranton was locked up. We went across town to check out the fields at Marywood. When we got to Marywood, the men’s lacrosse team as getting ready for a captains practice. This is basically a pick up game. DS3 and I got to play with the Marywood Men’s lacrosse team. My first impression, the ball moves very fast with these college kids. I played about 40 minutes on attack, with not much success. I played another 30 minutes on defense. If felt I did much better on defense. I went to Marywood and a lacrosse game broke out. After the game the captains came over and thanked us for playing and said tha they would be playing each week if we were interested in playing again. Wow! and Pretty neat. We both had a good time. My DW took some pictures that will find their way into this blog in the next few days.

The final picture is of DS3 and his roommate at the Coney Island Lunch where we went for lunch today. Enjoy!


DS3 and Dustin


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Nov 06, 2011 @ 10:28:59

    Way cool = lacrosse breaking out!
    Happy Birthday Sue!


  2. john davitt
    Nov 14, 2011 @ 13:33:41

    Sounds like fun. The LAX community is a pretty open one from what I’ve seen. Happy birthday to Susan. I hope it was a good one.


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