Wishing I was in Key West for post 129..

If you follow things in Key West you probably know that last week was Fantasy Fest, this week is Meeting of the Minds and next week is race week for the offshore power boats. I think if I had the money, I would spend these three weeks in Key West.  Taking the weeks one at a time, Fantasy Fest, no clue? Do a google search. From what I have seen and read, this looks like a week out of control. Do I see my self participating or just watching? Hard to tell. There could always be the when in Rome rule. Or not, I might not have enough nerve.

Meeting of the Minds is the Jimmy Buffett fan week. Called Parrott Heads due to the fans singing along at the concerts, this week features the top Trop Rock bands in the country. This year was the 20 th anniversary. From what I have read, Jimmy Buffett and the band were in town and performed this afternoon.  The women that cuts my hair is a huge affectionato of race week. This is the week the high-powered offshore power boats come to Key West to wrap up the racing season. There are lots of parties (when isn’t there in Key West) and boats going fast.

Back here in New Jersey, another work from home Friday. I get to sleep late and go to the kitchen office in my pajamas. I was busy for most of the day. My DW had another action packed day at the hospital. She called looking for a ride home after work. We live a mile from the hospital and recently she has been walking both ways.  Today she was just too tired to walk home. For dinner we went to Calloway’s. I receive two coupons for ten free wings at the last town festival. Tonight we cashed in one of those cards. Mmm, good. A couple of beers, a sandwich and people watching rounded out the night.

DS3 had his picture in several of the recent Royal Warrior Battalion Facebook posts. Either last week or this week the MS1 students had a lesson in how to take your weapon apart.

Too many pieces leftover

 Here is a picture of hin trying to put it back together. I guess they will practice until they can do it blindfolded. I meant there are only so many parts and they all only go together one way. Once you identify the parts, putting it back together should not be that hard. I may regret those words one day, but dude, bring it on!

Tomorrow we head north for the weekend. We are celebrating my DW’s birthday Saturday evening at Kildare’s and Sunday afternoon DS2 has a Wind Ensemble concert at Marywood. Other than that I hope to play some lacrosse with DS3, do some food shopping with both and spend some time talking about the last month in Scranton.

Good night to all, another picture, sure. This comes from July 2008. I went for a bike ride and convinced my youngest to come along. Here a picture of him at one of our rest stops.  Enjoy!


Sean Dogtown

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  1. Christina
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 12:16:45

    Key West sounds like a blast!


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