I just wish I had taken typing in High School (post 128)


Today was a work from home day for me.  We have a visitor here at the house.


For the last three weeks a sparrow has been trying to get into the house. I know that sounds absurd, but that is what we think. So far we have kept the door shut. At typical day with our friend (whom my wife has named, Birdo) goes something like this. And, I am not making this stuff up. Around 10 am there will be a knock or two at the front picture window. Our friend will fly up to the glass, and peck the glass and fly backwards and do it again. After it has gotten our attention, it will sit on the edge of the front screen door window and look in. Some times it will hop from one side of the window to the other to get a better or different vantage point.

What is it looking at or for? I don’t know. Some days I will look out and there is the bird on the passenger side of the windshield on my minivan up at the top where the roof meets the glass. It will step onto the glass and slide down the glass about half way flying back up to the top to do it again. It really is quite funny so see. I’m thinking that the bird is some deceased family member that has come back as a bird and is trying to communicate with us. If you go to the door it will fly away from the house into one of the nearby trees only to return to one of its perches when you are gone.

Anthropomorphism is attributing human characteristics to an animal. Is that what we are doing? I may leave the front window down tomorrow and close the bedroom doors to restrict where it goes. Then we will see if the bird really wants to come in and maybe what the heck has captured its interest.  I can hear the snickers already. The chorus of “Get a life”.  Wouldn’t be neat if we came back as something else? It would help make the human condition seem less bleak. You are born, go to school, get a job, maybe kids, health starts to go and you die. A blink in the drop of eternity.  Ok, there are a few more stops on the merry-go-round of life, but you get it.

Other than the daily visit from Birdo, things work wise went ok for me. My DW had a busy day as well. She is currently applying to Drexel to get here MSN. We worked on her personal statement tonight. I feel like I have been typing for hours. She said, I need 500 to 800 words. I replied, piece of cake, do it every night. So, we spit-balled her  topics and wrote her personal statement.  She cleaned up the punctuation and off it went.  Drexel has a co-operative program with the company the owns the hospital where she works. The university will wait to be paid by the hospital. The hospital will pay if she passes the course. No money out-of-pocket up front. And her employer has scholarships to help with books, computers and other necessary education tools.

So a life, I think we have one. Maybe tomorrow night will be the children round-up for the week, maybe not until next week. One more picture tonight. Here is Birdo in the pine tree next to the house after he spied me taking his picture. Enjoy!


Birdo in the tree