Post 127 Halloween sugar rush..

It is Wednesday night here in New Jersey.  We were reflecting at dinner tonight about the lack of trick o’ treater’s again this year. Each year we scale back the amount of candy we purchase since we always seem to have leftovers. With no kids at home to help with the leftovers, their consumption falls on us old folks. And, you can rightly guess, we don’t need to be eating candy. We purchased three snack bags of candy with a coupon at the grocery store. We opened two of the bags, Kit Kats and Hershey’s Bars, leaving the Reeses unopened. Of the 28 or so available candies, we gave away about 15 – 18. There was an early rush of small children, but then the older children, say 11 – 15 never came by. Granted we left the house at 7:15 to go to yoga, but we left the candy on the porch. None of the candy we left out was taken.

Story Alert: Back in the old days when we had Halloween age children, we used to create a huge Halloween display on the front lawn. Compete with tunnels, fog, strobe lights, creatures, you name it, we had something like it. Our children, especially the youngest would work very hard with me for during the two weeks that it took to set up the display. This picture is from 2004, our last year.

Halloween 2004

Why did we stop? I’m not really sure. Things must have gotten busy or something during the fall of 2005. After that, the spell was broken, never to be reinvented. In this picture you can see my DW standing in the fog next to the altar. This was supposed to be similar to a scene from one of the Indiana Jones movies.  In the foreground you can barely see the graveyard that was constructed in the front yard. The county has a recycling area where you can get mulch and compost. We made the grave yard out of compost. After Halloween, the compost got moved into the garden for the next growing season.

Work was busy for me. Filled with the usual poor decisions that turn into emergencies. I’m sure you know the type. My DW had a full day of work as well. She survived the doctor-less month of October. Now I think the doctors that were on vacation will be busy to pay for their vacations. Children, not much happening here. I had little or no contact today so far with them. That is ok, I will get some face time Saturday and Sunday.  And, that damm song is still stuck in my head.

Another picture from Halloween 2004.

Halloween 2004

This was the view down the tunnel to the room pictured above. Notice the walls and other spooky effects..Enjoy!