Stuck in my head like a Steve Martin arrow (post 126)..

If you are from my generation, no further explanation is necessary. If not, you can click here to see a clip from You Tube.  And, just in case you don’t know who Steve Martin is, there is little or no hope for you. You could do a google search, go to Wikipedia or ask your parents (gasp).  Steve Martin is not that guy who played his banjo last year during the Capital Fourth as seen on Public Television stations across the country. That Steve Martin was somebody different for sure. He looked like he got older or something.  We certainly did not.

What is stuck in my head is a stanza from a song. We have discussed this problem before. The interesting ish part of the story is how I A. Got the song stuck in my head and B. Got two plus two to equal four. Here goes.. Today is November 1, 2011 in New Jersey. In my office I have two calendars. One is a Dilbert one day at a time calendar. You rip a day off each day for a new Dilbert cartoon. The other is a USVI (United States Virgin Islands) calendar. I have had a version of this calendar for the last ten years. It is that time a year again to purchase next years calendar. My DW has two safe, sure to please gifts for me each year.

This calendar is the more traditional type. One big picture on the top, the dates on the bottom. Along with the large picture of somewhere in the USVI there are also two small pictures from the island of the month. This month the island of St. John is featured. I looked at the picture and said to myself, Trunk Bay. The caption indeed said Trunk Bay. I have been there a few times. The other two small pictures caught my eye. One was of a flower, I’m not much of a flower guy, but the name caught my eye. Frangipani. Hmmm, instant song in my head. Two plus two equal four.  Here is the offending stanza:

Photographs show she is lovely
Her bare feet are a work of art
Her fragrance speaks of frangipani
Yes she’s still a hula girl at heart

Since you are not a huge Jimmy Buffett fan, the son is called Hula Girl At Heart.  To hear the song click here. This song  is like most when you (I) hear the words you may not know exactly what the words are. Springsteen songs are famous for that. Both my DW and I have sung along to the song, not know what a “frangipani” was, but we went with it. Here is the picture from the calendar. 


Crazy, but maybe I will have purged the song from my head. Go figure, 500 words about a song stuck in my head.

Children, oldest child spent two hours practicing his putting in the athletic office. There was nobody there and he was expected to spend two hours there. With no supervisory guidance, he practiced putting. He said he was a much better putter when he was done.  DS2 had clinical today. He was very excited to have clinical today. DS3 posted a few pictures from his Halloween weekend. Nothing crazy, just college pictures.

Yoga tonight was much better than yesterday. I am relaxed, ahhh