Jersey Shore is where post 124 is..

Not that Jersey Shore, please!  Any self-respecting person that lives in New Jersey would be offended by that show.  I can’t say that I have ever watched it. So how can I judge something I don’t know? Well, that happens every day. In this case, the press has been bad enough to help me form an opinion.  In my life everyone starts out even. Not good, not bad. Then as they say, that person opens their mouth. Then they usually go either up or down. I try not to judge on appearance, job or manners. Open your mouth, I will pass judgement.

Today at the Jersey Shore, “the real Jersey Shore”, the sun was out and it was cold. I woke up this morning and the outside temperature outside was 30 degrees and the indoor temperature was 60 degrees. In January if the outside temperature was 60 degrees, that would be outstanding. But inside, just a little cold. So the heat went on. STORY ALERT! I remember as a child living at home with my parents that they would wait as long as possible to turn the heat on in the fall. You can guess that air conditioning had not yet been invented in the house I lived in. Anyway, in the fall, we would have sweatshirts on, long pants and wool socks on well into November. My mother would say, “My sister Alberta does not turn the heat on in her house until Thanksgiving”. This was supposed to make us feel grateful when the heat finally went on mid November.

Today my DW went have her hair done. She is organized about this. She gets her hair done and makes the next appointment before she leaves the hair salon. Me, when my hair finally has annoyed me enough, I call the women that cuts my hair and if she is not on vacation, I can get my hair cut. No planning here. After her hair appointment we went to the grocery store. We stopped by the fish market looking for Stone Crab Claws. We had them twice last weekend. There were none to be had. After grocery shopping we had fried bologna and soup for lunch. Have you ever had fried bologna? It is an easy recipe. Frying pan, butter and bologna. Heat the frying pan, add the butter (not margarine) and cook the bologna. Serve on toast with mayonnaise. Yum, this is a comfort food from my childhood.

We did some small chores around the house and settled into watch NFL Red Zone tv. I have mentioned this program before. This program’s premise is to show you every score of every game. No commercials, no-nonsense. Just action. They jump from game to game like a child who skipped their Ritalin. I enjoy the lack of commercials and the fact that if you are interested in an out of market game, you will at least see all the scoring plays.

Dinner was home-made lasagna. Lasagna is one of my favorite foods. I cooked it and if I say so (and I do), it turned out well. The children were quiet today. Scranton got some snow, not quite the total tha the Poconos got. My trip up there today was cancelled yesterday afternoon due to the weather. We will be up Saturday to celebrate my DW’s birthday. Sunday afternoon DS2 has a concert that we will attend.  I got a cheap room at the Radisson. This hotel used to be a train station and while the facilities are old, the public spaces are pretty neat.  We have enjoyed all our stays here. One of the best things is that the University of Scranton is a short walk up the hill. Dinner will probably be at Kildare’s which is across the street from the hotel.

A picture is worth a thousand words (give or take). So, here you have a picture from Christmas 2009. As you will see the boys are just waking up. What age do they stop getting up before the parents?  Enjoy!


Christmas 2009

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  1. cmdavitt
    Oct 30, 2011 @ 22:40:05

    It is chilly down to the 30’s here some and I was just thinking about Aunt Alberta and by golly – I turned on the heat!!!


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