Snow, Snow everywhere but post 123.. (take two)

This is take two since as I wrote the original blog and tried to ge the pictures to line up, I mistakenly choose to publish, not preview. What I hit publish on was a mess. Rats. Maybe I should take that one day class from Word Press.

Here is the first picture sent by one of my Scranton children of the snow falling in The Electric City.

Marywood University - snow - 10.29.11 11:00 am

This picture was shot from the second floor of the music building at Marywood University. The street going left to right is Adams Ave.  If you drive to the right you will go past the county jail , Cooper’s Seafood Restaurant, and wind up in the center of Scranton. Before you get to the center of Scranton, take a left on Mulberry Street and go a few blocks up the hill. This will take you to The University of Scranton where DS3 sent me this picture.

U of Scranton - snow - 10.29.11 11:02 am

His picture came in about two minutes after DS2’s picture from the other side of town. Hey, it made me smile. Both kids were thinking about the old man and sent him a picture.

Here down the shore we have so far dodged the bullet. It certainly was windy and rainy today. No snow. My SIL in Randolph reports that the power is out on their street. Also that the town salt spreading truck flipped over on her neighbor’s front lawn. Hopefully they get their power back soon.

DS3 was supposed to go on a school sponsored trip to Hersey Park today but it was wisely cancelled. Who would want to drive 50 college kids two hours down I 81 to Hersey in the snow and rain to turn around and drive them back. And what would my son and his girl friend do for four hours stuck on a bus? Hmmm, next thought. They appear to have gone to the Steam Town Mall since he had posted pictures of them in a clothing store modeling winter hats, funny winter hats. Maybe Facebook might have some usefulness after all.

My DW is on call this weekend. She had to go in for one case this morning. Fortunately, the case went well and she was home in a few hours. So far nothing is scheduled for Sunday yet (yes, scheduled emergencies). I stayed home all day. Tweeted with my children and accomplished another project on the computer. Back in 8 th grade, DS3 had a school project where he had to write a page for each year about his life. Power point style. The report ran from birth to age 30. Since he was only 13 at the time, those later years were “hopes and dreams”.  We found the report while cleaning up the bed room he shares with DS1 when they are both home. I scanned and turned the report into a .pdf. You can view that document by clicking here.

All the sub tropical plants mentioned yesterday came in during the wind and rain today. The hot tub is full of water and going though its first filling chemical cycle.  That kind of sums up the day. I’m off to watch Clemson beat Georgia Tech (hopefully). If the weather got you this weekend, hopefully the power loss/heat loss does not last to long.

One more picture for tonight. Since it was a rainy day, my DW did some fall cleaning. Do you remember when you were a kid (this could not have only happened in my parents house), your mother would decide that today was the spring/fall cleaning day and everybody had to help or else!  That day was today, but not nearly as manic as when I was growing up. I guess having ten children would make anybody a little crazy at time. Enough, here is the picture. Enjoy!


Fall cleaning, everybody hide!