All Springsteen, all the time for post 120..

Funny title. We have Sirius satellite radios in both our cars, one in our house and the spare unit went to The University of Scranton with DS3. His unit used to be in his car until he blew up the transmission back in July. I listen to about 8 minutes of real radio a day. The 8 am news and traffic, then back to Sirius. Usually the receiver is turned to Margaritaville. Which as you may have guessed has lots of Jimmy Buffett music with reggae and trop rock mixed in. Now and then the DJ gets into a different mood than me and plays song after song that just does not fit with my mood. That is when we go exploring the Sirius dial.

Tonight’s adventure led me to the Springsteen channel. I listen to it sometimes, but I am a fan of the pre 1990 music and not a big fan of anything newer.  That being said when they try to balance the old with the new, I don’t wind up spending a lot of time listening. This afternoon I got an email from the guy that runs the Summit lacrosse league that there is a pick up game in Westfield tonight. I reached out to the usual suspects to see if they could get out of the house, no joy. So I traveled the 75 miles (10 miles closer than Summit) and played lacrosse for 90 minutes under the lights.  I played attack. I had three shots, none went in. I did ping the pipe pretty hard on my first shot. I did have one “sweet” assist. The midfield player brought the ball over the center line and passed me the ball. He kept running and when he was three strides from the goal I hit him with the pass in full stride. He caught the ball and stuck it in the net. The play even looked like real lacrosse.

The field in Westfield was alongside the rail road tracks. There must have been during the 2 hours I was there at least fifteen freight trains go by. The goalie was telling which trains would pass by during the game. The Tropicana train, the garbage train. I said, “Garbage train” He said “Yea, and does it stink!”.  I guess I was lucky because the garbage train did not go by while we were playing. It was pretty funny to see the guys try to call a face off while the freight train is rumbling past about 50 yards from where they were facing off.

The title of tonight’s blog come from the fact that for the ride up and back, it was all Springsteen, all the time. I  turned the radio up and sang with the songs I knew, and turned it down and listened to the ones I did not know. During the ride home they broadcasted a concert from 10/26/1999 in Oakland, CA. I enjoyed the show. It is coming up on 11:30 pm eastern and that means it is past my bed time. My “medicinal” shot of sipping rum on the rock is nearly finished as well.

The picture de jour is from December 2004 when DS2 and I traveled to Tampa on a super cheap fight for the weekend. My cousin was living in Tampa at the time so she picked us up at the airport, drove us around, fed us and put us back on the plane when it was time to go home. She even let us sleep at her house!  It was a great weekend.  Looking back at the pictures tonight made me smile.


DS2 checking the water in Tampa Bay, December 2004