Visualize that you are a bird soaring into post 119..

So says the Tuesday night yoga teacher during our guided meditation at the end of the night. She left us up there soaring around the bright, warm light until it was time to go home then she guided us back to earth. I’m getting used to her style. I like the opening warm up stretches. After she has warmed us up we usually do something different each week. There are things that we do (or are guided to do) that my shoulders and wrists just won’t do. So, I do the best that I can, pushing myself, trying not to hurt myself. A work in progress.

Monday night lacrosse has been a work in progress as well. I have been trying to learn (get better at) playing attack after playing defense for 7 years. Last week the defensive guys gave us some room to play and I had better success.  This week I got matched up with a guy who was exercising some demons. I think my picture was on the head of that demon. I took a couple of good whacks. I guess it’s only fair since I have certainly given out my share. After awhile I tried playing on the other side of the field so that the other attack guy could get beat up. I did get a few shots off, none scored. One of the local lacrosse parents that I play with rode up with me and played defense for the other team. Next time we do that I will put on the opposite color as him so that we can play against each other. My brother the weather man had one or two goals for the night.

Monday night lacrosse in Robbinsville starts up in two weeks. If you read this and are interested in playing in a 35 and older league, leave me a comment. We play on Mondays nights. The facility is in Robbinsville, NJ. Do a google search for The Robbinsville Field House.  It is a full field, indoor facility with good lighting. The game up north is off next Monday due to Halloween. I guess they figure that no one will show up since most have children younger than ours.

Work was busy today and tomorrow promises to be another slog. Hopefully some of the work I did today will speed up the process tomorrow when the installer is on site. My DW had a tough day. I’m not really sure how or what to say about it. Probably nothing at this point other than a doctor seems to have chosen to cause her trouble at work and probably won’t stop anytime soon. Neither of us are sure what to do about it, but hopefully the problems takes care of itself. Meanwhile we document, document and document.

Children, DS1 no real contact. He texted back after seeing the video that I sent him. DS2 sent a preliminary course schedule for the spring in the email. He was very specific about the schedule be preliminary, very specific. DS3 not much either. I did see on Facebook that he was enjoying the weather and maybe, just maybe, playing too much Battlefield 3. I’m not saying, just he is a college student and the master of his own destiny, that is all.

Tonight you get a video instead of a picture. I was driving south on the GSP just north of the Toms River tolls when traffic came to a halt. The tell-tale smoke up ahead proved to be a vehicle on fire in the median. I hope the person was ok, they took out about 15 feet of guard rail. I looked on the local newspaper website and there is no mention of fatalities or the accident at all.  Click here to see the video.