Splash and dash for post 118..

Now that is a title that would make me want to read tonight’s blog. Well, when I’m short on time, creativity suffers.  Tonight is a lacrosse night up north with my brother. I wonder if he will bring a set of gloves this week. Last week he had two left gloves. Luckily I had an extra pair in my bag.  You can’t wear the wrong glove on the wrong hand. The gloves just don’t bend that way. There is the threat of some light rain. I hope it holds off. Wet and tired will make for a rough drive down the parkway.

Work for me today was busy. I was “working for” one of the installers today. He was on site and over his head. In the way that our company works, nothing or next to nothing was done in advance. This leaves the installers behind the eight ball trying to get the job done in the expected time frame while the customer stands there constantly asking questions. I don’t mind working with them if they are nice about it. But sometimes I get the feeling that I am being taken advantage of.  Not my best feeling. Helping yes, doing your work, ummm not so much.

DW had a full day at work. That is good since October has been historically a poor month for work. The doctors all seem to go away on vacation at the same time leaving the unit empty of patients. And the nursing staff gets flexed (unscheduled vacation). When you get flexed you either eat your vacation time or go without being paid. A good deal for the hospital, not so much for the nurses that get flexed.

DS1 is thinking about offering his coaching services to the high school where he attended locally.  DS2 was quiet today. He has been really busy. He was a lot more communicative last year.  DS3 sent a picture of one hot dog from Coney Island Lunch. That was all the paper money hae had in his pocket. One lonely hot dog. He did say that it was excellent. Not much from him other than that. He posted on Facebook thanking his honey for a great weekend.

Tonight’s picture is of that lonely hotdog.  Yum for sure. Enjoy!


Hot dog


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christina
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 23:08:53

    One hot dog – that is lonely. Glad Sue is busy.


  2. john davitt (@johndavittwx)
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 09:41:49

    Coney Island is King !


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