Bumping into the rules of 117 (post)..

The following is “tongue in cheek” and should not be taken for anything other than humor.  You need to find the funny things in life and cherish and laugh at them.  We have settled into a routine of sorts here at the ranch now that the boys are away at school. If things around the house are a mess, there is nobody to blame. It was either you or your spouse. No other choices.

Last night we had finished dinner, stone crabs and crab cakes. We had some wine (really, just some), and were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. There were no kids to help, just us. Over the last month when I put dishes in the dishwasher my DW would move them to a different spot. It seemed like every time. I did not get it, but in the interest in domestic tranquility, I just shrugged my shoulders and went about my business. Last night, emboldened by wine (I guess) I asked if there was a reason that the dinner plates had to go in on specific place in the bottom rack of the dishwasher.  I got a reasonable answer that included the possibility that the need to place the dishes in a certain spot or else might be some mild OCD.  Tongue in cheek here people! We both had a good laugh, but now I know the dishwasher rules. I will respect them and follow them. Do you have “rules” like that in your home? I am willing to bet that we are not unique.

Today was Sunday. Another slooow start to the day. Eggs Benedict with left over crabmeat for breakfast. Food shopping for the week. I watched a zombie movie on AMC then cleaned the hot tub. Currently it is empty waiting for some more cleaning and new filters. It got the cleaning of a lifetime today We have had it since 1999 and it needed the cleaning. I was not planning on the end of world cleaning but since the world failed to end (again) on Friday, we needed to do some of the preventive maintenance that comes with owning a house. I mean what is the sense of repairing things if the world is going to end? 

Yesterday DS2 had a trumpet lesson at his instructors house in Scranton. Saturday night he went to see the NEPA Philharmonic at Wilkes University. He tweeted that he had front row seats.  My brother the weather man tweeted this morning that yesterday he ran 22.5 miles in preparation for the NYC marathon in a few weeks. That is a long way. I would have been happy to ride my bike that distance, nevermind run that distance. God bless him!  Hopefully he will make it to lacrosse Monday night.

All three children were challenged to provide a picture to be included in tonight’s blog. Only Ds3 came through. He sent the following shot of a poster at Scranton. His friend Lee set up a speed dating night at the University. DS3 decided to take his girlfriend to the movies instead.  He thought his choice of a movie with his honey was a better choice than speed dating. enjoy!


Females and food, you can't go wrong