High School football in post 115

Another late night here in NJ.  Monday was a 0:30 arrival. Tuesday was ok. Wednesday was ok, Thursday was  23:30 arrival home and tonight we are back home at 23:00.  If I were a college student, these would be early times to be arriving home or contemplating going to sleep.  Tonight my DW and I went to our local high school to watch a football game and the marching band. What is different this for us is a few things, first we don’t have a child in the hight school. Duh, second this is the first game of the year for us and the team has now played seven games.  Third, the football team won its division for the first time since 1972!. That was a long time ago. And, the marching band is currently in first place in the two different organizations where they compete.

We have attended most of the games played at home and a fair number of the away games for the last eight years. I have been part of the parents brigade that shoots pictures and video for the football team and marching band. This fall has been different since the kids are all away, we have “moved on” to some extent and are leaving the volunteer jobs to the parents of the current players. We may go back in a few years to get re-involved, but for now, we are doing different things.

Children, Oldest got his brown truck delivery today. Last year in his house they had a George Forman grill. This year they did not so most of their cooking happened on a charcoal grill. The brown truck brought a George Forman grill to their house. My DW was talking to my son when the truck arrived late in the afternoon.  There was much excitement from DS1 and his roommates when they saw what was delivered. I hope they enjoy it.  DS2 is at the Harry Potter show performed by the NEPA Philharmonic at the Scranton Cultural Center tonight. One of his friends won tickets so a bunch of them went. DS3, not sure what he is doing tonight. We saw his high school ex tonight. We waved, she waved back.

Bed time for bonzo. But first a link to the U tube video of the marching band shot tonight with my phone. Click here to see the video. And for a picture we go back to 2009 when my DS2 turned 18. The picture was taken before dinner at the local Japanese steak house. It is kinda artsy, but that was not the intention when it was taken. Enjoy!


DS2 turns 18, 2009

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  1. Christina
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 11:43:54

    Nice! great that the band and football team are doing so well.


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