Ah choo – bless you (x 2 or more) post 114..

I get blessed a lot these days. Yes, I was blessed with the children, I know that.  But I seem to have developed allergies of some sort over the last few years. So during the changing of the seasons I spend quite a bit of time sneezing. My DW puts up with the noise, she really loves me. There are times when she will look over and say, done yet?  And then wait for the last one to say Bless you. It is a good thing we found each other.

Driving to work my mind was wandering, thinking back over the past summer and early fall. I realised that I have not gone fishing once this year. Hmmm. For most people that might not seem like a momentous statement. Story alert! Back in an earlier time when I worked in the wholesale fish market in Philadelphia, I used to go fishing every Friday night between mid May and the beginning of November. A buddy of mine and I would fish for Bluefish each Friday night. We did this for about three or four years straight. This was during the early 90’s when the fish were plentiful and there were no limits on how many you could catch or what you could do with them.

Since we both worked in the wholesale seafood business (different companies) we would sell our catch each week and use the profits to pay for gear, trips, food, beer or whatever. Those were some crazy times fishing. Our best day fishing was one of our last trips. We (there were four guys on this trip)  fished on a head boat (a large, public boat, not privately chartered) for three hours one November morning. We caught over 1200 lbs of Bluefish.  One at a time, with a rod and reel. Needless to say we were quite tired at the end of the trip. The fish all went into coolers and got sold in Philadelphia the next day. That winter the NMFS created catch limits and lots of other details that effectively ended our Friday night adventures. We went a few more trips in the next few years, but  we never fished  with the same manic gusto that we had fished with previously.

It is funny how that random thought whelps a story from my past. Children, pretty quiet. The oldest child  texted after dinner asking if we set a table for Elijah. When they were children we would set an empty plate every now and then for him. I texted back saying the chair and the place setting were done, but not a table. Then I asked him if Elijah was bringing friends this time? He responded that you never know. That’s the truth, you never know. He’d better hurry up because I’m going out to play lacrosse tonight. DS2 texted that the zombie walk was off for him. I don’t have any details why. I let DS3 know that we were a no go at this point.  I was sitting on the fence about going. Picking them up and driving back and forth would have been a real pain.

Picture time then I have to get dressed. Tonight’s picture come from 2007 when my DW and I went to Florida for a few days without the children. I saw this bird on the pier and it reminded me of the 60 Minutes commentator, Andy Rooney.  Enjoy!


Andy Rooney Bird