Who knew 113 was such a popular number for a post or..

The following was snipped from Wikipedia.

In telephony

The information above relates to the number 113 in relation to the telephone. Hmmm. I never considered that the world does not use 911 for emergencies. I really can’t say that I ever gave the concept any thought what so ever before tonight.  Just goes to show that you are never too old to learn something new. Now retain that information, there is a certain sliding scale towards zero as you get older.  I better not ever dial 113 when I am in Iran. I’m just saying.

Enough silliness. My DW worked the second half of the day since they did not have any cases in the morning. Me, I was busy all day doing my current job, ignoring my “new” job at least for the day. The prime directive has not come via email so far. Whatever. I brown bag my lunch, do you?  When I first started working at the job in 2002 I would buy lunch every day. Then I got wise (or so) and started brown bagging and leaving the building every day. Now with the price of gas and whatever, I find myself eating at my desk, trolling the internet between bites. I’m sure that is not healthy. The company is too small to put in any fitness equipment or take a long-term view about employee health and fitness. 

We (DW and I) did go to the gym tonight before dinner. She likes to swim, my shoulders won’t take the stress. I rode the bike and did the treadmill while she swam.  It was a nice break for both of us. Then we had a late “for us” dinner at home.  We are trying to work this empty nest thing as much as possible. Like I told her tonight, I wanted to get married to spend time with her. Then the kids interrupted the romance. Now they are all a text message away.  We are enjoying the time together.

Children, DS1 an dI traded texts. I sent him something from Amazon for his house. I can’t say what since he might (just once in a million years) read my blog.  He will have to wait for the brown truck on Friday. I am certain this will get some use. DS2 has not checked in yet today. He and I have to hash out the Zombie Walk for Saturday.  DS3 has popped up on Facebook several times today. Seems that they ran the ROTC kids pretty hard the first day back from vacation and he puked during the run. I commented asking if he had a rough night. He said no, just a lot of running. He may join us for the Zombie Walk as well

Wrapping up tonight with the customary picture. Tonight’s picture come from 2009 when DS3 attended SLS (Summer Leadership School) at Fort Dix. For a week the Jr ROTC kids do military suff on Fort Dix. This was his second year and he was in charge of his group. He learned about parenting teenagers that week. LOL.  Enjoy!

DS3 and his Mom June 2009