One won one or Post 111..

 Clever, if nothing else.  Tonight’s blog is early since I am going north to play lacrosse with my brother. Our Monday night lacrosse is still in limbo and the weather does not look promising for Thursday’s lacrosse. So I drive (again). All the children are off from school for fall break. Nobody checked in with me today, I guess they are enjoying their few days off. I did hear from DS3 about his Christmas concert. I had a few minutes free at work while some files downloaded to a customer to work on my calendar for the rest of the year.  I’m still not sure on his concert schedule, the Marywood schedule is easier to understand since DS2 is in his second year.

Work was ok for me. I kept busy. Several people were off on vacation so I was “offered” a few support calls to resolve. I put my work off until the afternoon to pitch in.  You have to play the game some days or you will get a rep for not being a team player.  As I write this DS1 called from the Verizon store in Wheeling to say that his cell phone is dead. Thankfully his line is eligible for an upgrade. I offered the first 100.00 towards a new phone. I told him anymore than that was out of his pocket.  Aren’t parents great?

Enough for tonight, I have to pack my bag and get on the road. The picture of the day comes Scholarship Night at the local high school back in June. Here is DS3 receiving a scholarship from the VFW.  Enjoy


DS3 receives a scholarship from the VFW 2011