Walking Dead Season 2 starts after post 110..

More zombies. What is with the fascination about zombies? Maybe we think we are smart enough or lucky enough to escape the event that causes all this to happen. But in reality, if there was to be such an event, we would all be part of the hungry horde.  Not a fun thought, just the reality.  So this Saturday will be “practice”  being part of the hungry horde. I will bring my camera so there will certainly be some pictures to share.

Facebook is a little like Twitter, except that more of the people I know post things on Facebook. I am still opposed to it, but I am yielding ever so slightly towards posting more, reading more and watching my brains melt into an unrecognisable goo.  Not really, but I need at least a slight resistance to the force. I did see a picture of my sister-in-law, her husband and senior son at Senior Night recently. Having been there as a parent and the photographer, I was happy to see them recognised as senior parents.  

During the drive home from Wheeling this morning we hooked the cell phone up to the in-car bluetooth (rental car) and spoke for about 45 minutes with DS2. We caught up with him on his weekend at a Music Therapy “convention” on LI, Ny and other things going on in his life. It was nice to check in with him and see what was good, bad or ugly in his life.  We had a lot of the same conversation the night before with his older brother. In an attempt at a  trifecta I texted the youngest to see about a repeat of the in-car phone call. He responded hours later that the cell service was **crackel**crackel** bad where he was spending the weekend and that he was lucky to receive text messages. He may be the recipient of a parental intervention soon. Scranton is only three hours away.

The drive from Wheeling to Manahawkin is about 420 miles, more or less. We drove home with few issues until the last ten miles of the ride. I stopped for a traffic light that went yellow and was yellow when I stopped for it. I got behind a person with several bumper stickers that let me know that 55 in a 55 was all I was going to get. I said to my DW, this is my lesson in patience today. So we behaved, not passing during two “fair” opportunities. The road we  were on is one lane in each direction with various passing zones.  Then at my last possible passing zone  the spacing of the oncoming cars was iffy, not critical, but iffy. I decided to just take a deep breath and relax. At the next intersection a senior citizen pulled out of the senior complex and drove erratically at 40 miles an hour in the 55 mph zone. Breathe, breathe. I mean, I drove 410 miles with little or no drama and here we go. So this weaving car exits into the next senior complex and my friend in front continues on their way. I caught the next three lights and finally got off the highway and into my development. Up two streets, catch the light (hard to belive) and make the right on the street where we live. Home free… Yes, but still some drama. Halfway up the hill (I’m going 25, it is a residential street and I live here)  a two or three-year child wonders out of the front yard of a house and into the road. Not an adult (or anyone else) in sight. I weaved away and slowed further down and drove past the next few houses into my driveway shaking my head.

All is well that ends well, but uggg on the drama. Here is a picture from my bithday in 2008. Everybody open wide!


My birthday June 2008


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