Welcome to West Virgina..Post 109

My DW and I traveled to West Virgina to see our oldest child today. The day started at 4:30 am in NJ getting out of bed in the dark. We traveled to Philadelphia where we picked up a rental car at the airport. Our two vans are ten years old, one with 140,000 miles the other has 232,000 miles. So driving them 1000 miles this weekend can be dicey. The one with the lesser miles will make it here. But with the poor gas mileage of the van the great mileage of the rental car, it is almost the savings on the gas makes the cost of the rental minimal. And, when you book through Hotwire.com and the rental companies have extra inventory on the weekend, the deals are even greater.

We got to Washington, PA around noon time today. WJU had already played their first fall ball game. The second game vs. Seton Hill was the game we wanted to see. The two schools have a bitter rivalry that often leads to “extracurricular” activities on the field. Today was no different. The game ended with the teams tied 3-3.Since this was Fall Ball, the games ended tied and the playing time was about half the time of a regular time.  I shot 400 pictures of the two games we watched. I will upload them and share them with the coaches, players and parents. I did this for all the pictures I shot of the team during my sons four years playing there. We also delivered to the Media Director at the school an external hard drive containing all the pictures I shot over the seven years that we have been traveling to West Virgina. There are about 15,000 pictures on the hard drive.

After the game we caught up with DS1 who was working at the school as an intern to the sports media department. He was doing stats for a girls volleyball game on campus. The WJU ladies won all three games that were played. We then visited the house where he is living this fall. It was a huge step up from the “house” where he lived last year. We dropped off the stuff we brought from home and went food shopping with him. Now he has some food and stuff in the refrigerator and cupboards.

Then we checked into our hotel and took him out to dinner at Uncle Pete’s in Wheeling. We have been eating at this restaurant for all the years that we have been traveling to West Virgina.  Dinner was good. They smoke their own ribs. I had the ribs, they were great.  We had a quite the conversation with him over dinner. It was probably the most animated, in-depth and adult conversation that we have ever had. Both my DW and I are looking forward to his graduating and getting on with the next stage of his life.

Here is a picture taken tonight at dinner. 


DS1 and his mother

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