Post 108

Friday night here in NJ. Today started out grey, humid and damp. After lunch the sun came out, then it rained. More sun followed more rain followed by darkness. Did we move to the topics? I can only hope so. DW and I went out to dinner with a coupon from Seize the Deal. For a twenty-dollar purchase we got forty dollars worth of dinner at a local restaurant. Not bad, we probably would have eaten there anyway. The bill was 43 and change, I gave the waitress the coupon and the remaining bill was .86. Must be how the coupon and the sales tax works out. Not bad.

DS1 was talkative today in preparation for tomorrow’s visit. DS2 heads to a friend’s house in Dingman’s Ferry tonight and to a Music Therapy conference on LI Saturday. DS3 is spending the next four days with the family of his roommate. All three children have fall break this weekend. Parents, out of bed at 4:30 out by 5 am in Wheeling by 11 am or so. Can’t wait.

Short post, it’s bed time for me. Tomorrow will be a long day with much coffee I’m sure. Picture time is from 2008 when my DW and I traveled to see DS1 play lacrosse at Mercyhurst College.

Lake Erie 2008