Turkey farm vists post 107…

Well, the farm does not actually visit the blog. That would be kind of creepy with the blog existing in the cloud and turkeys not the best birds for flying. Here is a picture

Hink's Turkey Farm

I took at lunch time. I work in Wall, home to the world-famous Hink’s Turkey Farm. Each October the farm has their famous “free range” turkeys all captured and ready for Thanksgiving.  I wonder if they have any idea why they have been de-free ranged at this time of year. I can tell you that the area near the turkeys has a definite smell. That might smell like money to one man but it smelled really bad to me.  We usually get our turkey for free from the grocery store for buying a certain amount of food around the holidays.  Buying a fresh, free range turkey, I don’t think so. But I have learned to never say never.

That was my big excitement for the day. I went to the Windmill for lunch with a coupon and had a double beef california burger with cheese. It was good, I do prefer the hot dogs. After work we were supposed to play lacrosse but the weather was crappy. It is too far to drive when the weather is iffy. So I went to the gym and rode the stationary bike for 45 minutes and walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes. It was not nearly as much fun as playing lacrosse or yoga, but it was better than nothing. My DW had an awards dinner for work to attend so I was a bachelor tonight. Talk about the empty nest. I went to a local restaurant and had a roast beef club, fries and a few beers for dinner.  The meal was probably a wash against the exercise, but the aerobics are what I need.

Ds1 was working a soccer game today. I watched his online stat taking until the refresh on the web page stopped working at the school. We traded a few texts and a phone call about the weekend. Saturday early we head to Wheeling to visit him. DS2 had clinical today, seems to be one of his favorite parts of the week. That is a good sign since clinical work could make up a large part of his chosen profession.  DS3 is taking his girlfriend out for dinner at the Osaka  Japanese Restaurant  tonight. Tomorrow fall break starts and she is going home until Tuesday night. DS3 is going to visit the family of his roommate.

Work for the parents was ok. I kept myself busy, thought it seemed like most of the people I called today were not in, on vacation or working at night.  Another picture tonight from the turkey farm.


Hink's Turkey Farm

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