NJ Zombie Walk planning for post 106..

Last night I cranked out the first page or so of my novel. The novel will consist of several books about the Musician and his life. The books will be epic tales of the struggle between good and evil. When will the next pages come out, I’m not really sure. I may start another blog site for the book since Word Press has a book writing format that you can use for your blog. Again, I am not sure. But, this year is the third annual NJ Zombie Walk in Asbury Park. Click here for the website. I have read the stories and seen the pictures in the newspaper for the last two years. Each year we were too busy with high school sports and band.  Hopefully this is our year.

The general plan at this point is to go to the thrift store and purchase some clothes (for cheap) to have zombified (a word?) by the professional makeup artists on the day of the walk. DS3 is unavailable, DS2 is interested. He and I need to work out the details but we may both drive to Stroudsberg Saturday morning 10/23. We will then head back to Asbury Park with DS2 and any of his friends that are interested. When we get there we will get our makeup done then partake in whatever is going on. If you go to the website you will see that they have really ramped up the things to do. Then at 5 pm the walk starts and we zombies will invade Asbury Park.

After all than invading we will be hungry. We will eat somewhere in Asbury Park still in costume. After dinner we will drive DS2 back to his car in Stroudsberg and then either sleep there or drive home. He will have about a 50 minute ride back to school. The other possibility is that I convince the Marywood Student Activities Crew to sponsor a bus or a few vans and the school brings DS2 and his friends saving all of us the driving.  What will the Limeguy wear to the NJ Zombie Walk 2011? Hard to tell. It all depends on what the thrift store is selling at the right price and fit.

Does this sound like fun?  Ok, quite a bit strange, but really, just harmless fun. If you want to meat (get it) up with our group of zombies, email me or leave a comment and as we get closer we can coordinate our activities. On the bright side, my mother in law will be in Virgina that weekend so there is nothing to worry about!  Just kidding, she will be away but she might actually understand the humor.

Children, everybody is busy. College must really be hard work.  That is a good thing I guess. DS2 had pizza for dinner and is enjoying Music Therapy clinical sessions. He continues to struggle with Aural Skills. DS3 is in math extra help class tonight. He continues to struggle with Chemistry and Math. If anybody knows of a winter inter session where they offer physics 101 or it’s equivalent, let me know. So far Stockton, Montclair State, Brookdale Community don’t offer it. I don’t know about Ocean County College, I have an email out to them. DS3’s school has Physics 101 (or 140, there) but the cost per credit is 900.00 plus room and board. Can you say ouch!. 

Picture time once again. This picture is from



Jackson Square, New Orleans


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  1. Christina
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 09:48:41

    Zombies alive! This sunday our chuch service is entitled ‘Are you ready for the Zombie Apacolypse?’


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