Head West post 104..

Today was just another day, nothing special.  Both my DW and I worked. She wound up working almost 12 hours today. For several reasons her job did not want to end today. One patient in the middle of the day went long and the whole day went to hell. But now she’s home, bundled up in her blanket watching HGTV.  Work for me was keep your head down and look busy. I was busy for most of the day, tomorrow has a disaster waiting to happen and I am fully booked for the entire day. Looks like someone else will be cleaning up the mess. Check in tomorrow and see how that turned out.

Children, oldest is alive. He sent me a word feud word around dinner time. This is always a pleasant surprise. A game of word feud with him takes about 10 days to play.  DS2 is wrestling with the university. The registrar dropped him from two classes a month ago when he was out due to his eyes. When he got back, one of the classes was “officially” restored, the other one was not. The one that is still missing is his Music Therapy class where they discuss the previous weeks therapy sessions that the students attended. The professor in charge of the Music Therapy department told him a month ago that he was still on her roster and not to worry. Over the weekend she told him that he was not on the roster and that he needed to speak with the registrar. The registrar says that the professor needs to contact them. A simple paper chase.

DS3 continues to struggle with Chemistry. He is convinced that Physics is the major for him. He has talked to his advisor and they picked courses for the spring today that include Physics 102. But, he has not taken Physics 101 yet. He is going to take the 101 course of the Christmas break. The university has process where he can choose the equivalent course at any two or four-year college, get the course approved by the academic dean and then pass the course. Once he has passed the course, the credits will be transferred and he will be ready for the 102 class. Let’s not discuss the fall back position if he does not pass the 101 class. More drama will unfold on this subject over the next four weeks for sure.

No yoga tonight due to my DW working late. She said that I should have gone without her. It does not seem right to have her come home after a 12 hour day to an empty house and dinner waiting to be reheated. We have yoga scheduled for tomorrow anyway.  Monday night lacrosse is still cancelled in Robbinsville. The word on the street is that this program may resume in a few more weeks. That would be nice. My brother plays on Monday nights in Summit. The only problem is the distance from home. I was not up to driving all that way tonight.

Yak, yak not much to say. How about an outstanding picture to brighten this blog tonight.  This picture come from June 2001. DS3 is seen in this picture trying to do ummm, something for sure.


DS3 before his Senior Prom June 2011


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