Sunset Park in Harvey Cedars, NJ looks good for post 102..

Saturday evening has arrived here in NJ. The Indian Summer has made its appearance today and forecast for tomorrow and maybe beyond? In plain english, it was nice and warm today.  We went to LBI for lunch today. We wanted to eat at Boulevard Clams , but it looked like they were closed for the season. So we went across the street to Okies Butcher Shop for sandwiches. They had real good-looking roast beef so we both got sandwiches. Mine with cheese, her’s without cheese. We added some red skin potato salad and we were all set. Since we were on LBI we decides to visit Sunset Park in Harvey Cedars. We found an empty picnic table by the bay and had a nice lunch by the water.

A Boy Scout troop was camping in the park. Note to my brother the weather man, if you are looking for a soft first camping experience you should look into camping in the park. He is involved with a scout troop up north and they go camping quite often. I would guess that the new school year/ new scouting year, would include new parents and children that may have never camped. Camping in Harvey Cedars in the off-season next to the rest rooms on the bay with the ocean across the street might be a good way to ease those new campers into a tent.  

After lunch we went back home. I worked in the yard for a few hours. I cut the grass for the last time this year (hopefully) I ran the lawn mower out of gas to end the season. Each spring, I have to take the mower to get it fixed since it won’t start. Each year they tell me to run it dry (out of gas) before putting it away for the winter. Stop by this blog next May and we’ll both see how that advice worked out.  I picked the last of the tomatoes off the vines. All the vines were dead, there were some green tomatoes left. The green tomatoes are sitting on the back porch table ripening (maybe).  I pulled the dead plants and the stakes. I watered and fed the fall crop of lettuce that does not seem to be growing very fast. I have never had any success with the fall romaine crop. We will have to see how this one does. In about five weeks it should be too cold for even the romaine. 

We turned up the heat in hot tub today and purchased some fireplace logs for the chimenea. The old folks will be dipping tonight.  College boys checked in to some extent today. DS1 was absent from the text traffic. DS2 said that today was Super Saturday at Marywood. This is where the music therapy department has a free day for the locals who use the music therapy process. The attendees get to enjoy some interaction with the outside world, the students get practice working with their potential clients and the care givers get an hour or two off. It would seem to be a win-win for everybody involved.  The previous Music Therapy Chair started this years ago and it is nice to see that the new person in charge is continuing the program.  DS3 was doing school work mid-day. He was advised by his parents to go outside and get so fresh air. The studying is admirable and we want him to keep working hard but, you must have some fun or the pressure of being is school will eat you up.

Today’s pictures are in two forms. One is a link to the (snapfish) page where I posted our pictures from yesterday’s sail. Or you can see one picture right here.  And yes we mathch (red shirts/top), it was not planned.  Oh, one more thing, I really had fun adding the Hyper links tonight, LOL.


On the boat

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  1. Christina
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 20:51:42

    Very nice!


  2. sillygoose
    Oct 09, 2011 @ 08:07:10

    great pic! happy anniversary!


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