27 th anniversary post 101

Today my DW and I celebrated our 27 th anniversary.  It has been 23 years since we last celebrated an anniversary without any children in our house.  Today for me was a work from home Friday. I worked until 1 pm and took the afternoon off. My DW was off for the entire day. At 3 pm we embarked on a three-hour tour on the SS Minnow (not really). We did go for a sail on Barnegat Bay for three hours. We bought a groupon back in May for 50 % off the cost of the sail. Today we redeemed it. 

After the sail we went home to change into our yoga clothes. We attended a two our workshop on relaxation and meditation. I was the only guy in the room. I may have been the business’s first male customer  (they have been open a year) since they don’t have a men’s bathroom.  I offered to use one of the trees behind the building if need be. That got me a chuckle from the ladies. I did not have to follow through with that threat. (yes, TMI)  The class went well. My job at the end of class was to open the champagne and wine bottles. Oh, we had home-made chocolate covered strawberries as well.

After yoga and wine we stopped for dinner at Calloway’s on Route 9 in Eagleswood, NJ. The appetizers were half price so I got wings and my DW got quesadilla.  A few beers, and we talked to some of the local high school lacrosse parents that we know who were in attendance.

It was a nice day spent with my best friend. Here is a picture I took with my cell phone while we were on the sail boat. 


On the sailboat, Barnegat Bay


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  1. Christina
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 11:59:10

    Wow – Congratulations!!!


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