post 98

Post 98, really day 98 since you got two posts yesterday. The one about being entitled was written about three weeks ago and sat waiting for the editor to clean it up. There is still one more post out there, written, not yet published. That one is waiting for my muse to kick me in the butt to finish it. You never can tell when, where  or what time the inspiration will decide to explode in your head. There is no sense fighting it. Just drop what you are doing and get it done.

Ds3 and me in Scranton

Tonight’s blog (such that it is) has been a lesson in frustration. The internet connection at the house and the cable connection for the tv have been awful. It took me over an hour to get this much written. I had to login to my office so that I could use the connection there. PIA.

Enough frustration for the night.