Back home on the post 96 ranch..

We survived another weekend in Scranton, PA.  Survived my be perceived as a bad trip that we struggled through. That certainly was not the case. We both like visiting the city and seeing our children. It gives us a sense of control. But in hindsight, a false sense of control. We unfortunately did not get to do everything we had hoped for over the weekend. The uncertainty of the weather coupled with the schedules of the university and the two children left us running here and there (not willy nilly, thought)

Sunday was a good day in Scranton. It was rainy, grey and cold. Just like it was most of the time my family visited when I was a kid. Very nostalgic. All we needed was dirty snow piles on the side of the road, and things would have been complete. We tried to eat breakfast at the hotel, but the dining area was packed and there was a line. So we ate at Chicks Diner which is near where the Proferra’s Pizza building used to be. Now the building houses Steamtown Hot Yoga.   We sat at the counter since things were busy. Talk about chaos! It was a wonder that anybody actually got food to eat.  But really, it was fun to watch. We got our food in a timely fashion and it was good.

After breakfast we picked up DS3 at his school and drove across town to DS2’s school. DS2 has been singing in the choir this year at mass since he was not able to play his trumpet. October 1 was the day he was allowed to start playing again. That was yesterday. He played yesterday. When we got to Marywood and sat down in the chapel for Mass we were surprised to see him there with his horn. He played his trumpet today in Mass. After all the “stuff” we went through with his eyes in the last five weeks it was really great to see him wearing his contacts and playing his horn like nothing had ever happened. 

After Mass the four of us ate brunch at Marywood. The food was fine. DS3 says that his school makes better omelets. We (DW and I) picked at this and that since we had eaten at the diner two hours earlier. After brunch we walked DS2 back to his dorm and with a hug, we said good-bye. We took DS3 shopping for things we could not get the day before. Then we stopped up to see my parents and ended the trip back at the University of Scranton. After a hug and a handshake we left DS3 at school.

We stopped at the Northern Lights Espresso Bar for coffee for the ride home. They make excellent lattes. The business is run by the same nuns that run Marywood University! Go figure. Northern Lights is a short walk down the hill from the U and has all the usual trappings one would expect in an espresso bar in a college town. The coffee certainly beats Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. After we got out coffee we drove home. Traffic was not so bad. The best part of the ride was listening to the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Buffalo Bills. I’ve written before about the home team announcers for the Bengals. They were entertaining again today as well. It was a nice distraction and I was not sleepy during the ride at all. That was a good thing.

Back at the ranch, things are fine. A quick food shopping trip. Then I made Veal Francese for dinner. Yum, yum. And here we are. TV time and another week starts. Tonight’s picture was taken last weekend at the Marywood parents weekend. They had a photo boot set up and it was free.  In these pictures DS2, DW and I are hamming it up for the camera.  If you click on the picture, it enlarges. Enjoy!

Marywood Family Picture


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  1. Christina
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 10:07:56

    Hooray for Brian! Glad you had a good weekend. Thanks for visiting mom and dad. Getting to be that time of year.


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