Real good rum cheaper than good beer @ post 95..

I am amazed.  Really. We are in Scranton, so prices are “depressed” due to the area and such.  This post will be like a flashback episode on tv. We start with the current and go backwards to the start of our hero’s day.  We just got back from Coopers Seafood restaurant in Scranton, PA. We had dinner there three hours ago and returned for drinks post parents day weekend festivities. At dinner I had a Victory Hop Devil Ale. This is a hand pump ale. What does that mean? It means that the bartender needs to pump the handle to get the beer/ale out of the cask. Low on carbonation, outrageous flavors.

After dropping the boys off we went back to the restaurant for a beer before bed. My DW put up with me since she was tired and I wanted some more of the Hop Devil Ale. We sat down at the bar and ordered drinks. The ale was as good after dinner as it was during dinner. We watched college football on tv and sipped our drinks.  On the center of the bar amongst the various bottles was a brand new bottle of Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 year old Solera Rum. Retail about 35.00 to 40.00 dollars. I’ve had this rum on occasion at some of the better bars I have traveled to. In Scranton, no less. Heck, I got a bottle as a Christmas present last year.

After the first beer was done, I ordered a double on the rocks of the rum.  Yum, yum and yum. I was concerned about the cost, but figured what the heck, I was worth it. After the rum was gone we were ready to head back to our hotel. The beer was 5.50 for a pint. Not bad for the quality of the Victory Hop Devil Ale. The double of rum was 8.00. Huh? eight dollars?  Ok, quick we paid the bill and left. If a shot of liquor is equal to a beer, then two shots of rum is equal to two beers. I give you, rum is cheaper than beer in Scranton.  If you were in Key West on the Sunset Pier, that shot of rum would have cost you eight dollars, the double would have been fifteen dollars.  Next time we come to Scranton we will probably eat dinner elsewhere, but stop by for some rum on the way back to the hotel. The food was fine, no complaints.

Between dinner and the bar we went to see the New York Trumpet Ensemble at the University of Scranton. I shot one song on my phone using my Ustream account. You can see that video by clicking here. The concert was good. Apparently  they offer a masters trumpet class sometime in the future. DS2 will be emailing the U to get himself signed up.

This afternoon DS3, his roommate and I found a little league field in North Scranton and put on our lacrosse gear and spent an hour or so throwing the ball around.  It was fun to put my gear on and play with my youngest. His roommate enjoyed the time as well. After playing lacrosse in the rain we went to Coney Island Lunch for texas wieners. Yum, yum and ah, yum.

I have a few pictures to share tonight. This first picture is of my DW and DS2 waiting for our table at Coopers. Oh, we called, they said, no wait. When we got there the wait was about 30 minutes.. 

DS2 and DW at Coopers in Scranton, PA









DS3 on left, roommate on right