Pro tips masquerading as post 94..

That is a term Ds2 uses when he has an obvious (to him) piece of information to share and does not to offend the person listening.  Tonight we saw two out three children.  We are back in Scranton for the University of Scranton Parents Weekend.  We have not done any parents weekend stuff yet. We did stop by Marywood to see DS2. We dropped off a replacement SD card for his phone.  He was wearing his contacts for the second day in a row. He says that his eyes are doing fine. Tomorrow is the first day that he can start playing his trumpet since August. He is looking forward to playing his horn again.

Over at the University of Scranton we caught up with DS3. He was at the parents weekend play. He is taking a theatre class this year so he has to write a report on the play and the performance. We sat outside until it we got to cold then we went inside the DeNaples Center and talked. He told us in great detail about his classes. He also told us about the Fall FTX that he attended last week.  He really enjoyed it. 

Short post, I’m beat. This picture was taken this evening. DS3 dressed in his ROTC shirt. Enjoy!

DS3 @ The University of Scranton