Ye olde post 93..

So last night we went south for the evening. Tuesday evening during dinner I brought up the subject of going to Annapolis, MD  to see Scott Kirby in concert. I told my DW, let me know before we go to bed if you want to go. I will drive, you bring your blanket and pillow. We went to yoga, watched some television and went to bed.  No mention was made about Wednesday and going to Maryland. I figured, dead subject.

Wednesday at 3:30 pm my DW calls to ask which night was the Annapolis trip?  Um, tonight? So we decided at that point to go. What is funny or interesting is that Annapolis and Scranton are the same distance from our home. Usually when I see him in Florida, I am staying in Ft Lauderdale and drive down to Key West for the night. The distance from the timeshare in Florida  to Key West is the same as the distance to Annapolis and Scranton from our home. Each trip is about 180 miles.  How odd.

 I left work early and drove home. Changed clothes, made coffee for the drive and headed south. We got to the venue at 7:40 for a 8:00 show. Just enough time to go to the bathroom, order a beer and some munchies to eat for dinner.  The show was excellent. Worth the time and effort to attend.  I took a few pictures. The management was fairly adamant in making sure that you knew that pictures and video were not permitted. We bumped into this issue in NYC at the Pink Martini concert and did not want a repeat. So, the pictures are fair at best.  After the show I drove home while my DW tried to sleep. It rained in Maryland and Delaware. Thankfully, the rain stopped when we got to NJ. We got home at 1:30 am and I was asleep some time after two am. Like I tweeted today, Livin’ like a rock star!

DW left for work at 6:45 for the 7 am shift today. When she got home this afternoon, she took a nap.  I worked from home today,  barely making it to the table with the computer by 8:30 am. But, a cafe latte and I was ready to go today. She was busy all day at work. I was busy in the morning then looking for work in the afternoon. Tomorrow will probably be the same way.

Tomorrow night we head back to Scranton for DS3’s parents weekend.  The weather looks to be cold up there this weekend. Temperatures between 40 and 55. That will be quite the change from the 777 weather we have had for the last three weeks. Outside and inside temperatures  in the 70’s, humidity in the 70’s.  We better bring a coat and long pants.

Kids, what’s that? Just kidding. Tonight is back to school night at the high school. We have been to back to school night at the hight school for eight straight years. It felt funny to not have to go this evening. Instead, we went to the Olive Garden for dinner. They built one here in town back in the spring and we had never eaten there. Tonight we had date night at the Olive Garden. It is only about two miles from home. Nice. Food was good, no complaints.

Tonight a couple of pictures from last night. I wish I could have brought a better camera. Enjoy!

DW in Annapolis









Rams Head Inn, Annapolis, MD


The band