Acknowledge your random thoughts then dispatch them to post 91..

Tonight’s subject line comes from the adult school yoga instructor. We just returned from our second night of yoga in a row. If I thought it was warm yesterday, today was a visit to the tropics. At least the Monday night instructor has the ability, not the desire, to lower the temperature in the room. At the high school, nobody has the ability.  Waaa, waaa, I get it. Enough already. But, the teacher did provide the subject for tonight’s blog.

We start the night with the lights out, flat on our backs, practicing our controlled breathing. Concentrating on your breathing helps to clear your mind.  First she said to dispatch any random thoughts. Then she said to acknowledge them, then dispatch them.  I guess the random thoughts get a reprieve on the second go around.  Yoga was good tonight. I look forward to it each week. I may go north next Monday and play lacrosse. It all depends on our travels this weekend.

My DW had a long day at work today. She defrosted filet mignon for dinner. Yum (DS2’s favorite expression when encountering food). Seasoned potato slices, fresh mozzarella and vegetables. No wine though. Not before class.  The meat cooked quick on the Forman grill. We have a grill outside but sometimes it is easier to heat up George and cook. 

The milk man continues to deliver to our house once a week. We may need to stop them entirely. We scaled the deliveries back after DS2 went back to school. This evening I went next door where there are four children and dropped off two half gallons of orange juice and two dozen eggs. We still have more of both in the house. With another parent’s weekend this week, nobody will be home to eat breakfast.  They certainly appreciate the gesture. I just hate to see the food go to waste. So, the milk man may be the first casualty of the empty nest.

Kids, DS2 had an excellent day at clinical. He walks three blocks down from Marywood to the St Joseph’s Center. There he observes and assists with music therapy clinical work. After his session, he walks back to school. He really enjoys the clinical work.  DS3 was busy when I texted. He said he had a tough day and would not be any fun to talk to.  We will let him work through this (whatever it is).  We won’t pry, but maybe tomorrow or Thursday we will ask for details.  DS1, nothing today. Me, work was ok. I stuck my hand in the vipers nest once again and did not get bitten. Sometimes when you are upgrading third-party software you can get bitten pretty hard.  Not today. 

Picture time boys and girls.  Today’s picture comer from 2007 when DS1 was a senior in high school. He took an early childhood development class (to meet girls I think). One part of the grade was that each student took home “Baby think it over”. The “robo baby” would eat, cry sleep, need to have the diaper changed like a real baby. The sensors would record the care that the baby received over the weekend. The teacher would download the information on Monday when the baby was returned. While he did not receive a passing grade on this portion of the class, he did receive the highest grade by a male student ever.  Enjoy!

DS1 with his "robo baby" 2007

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  1. Christina
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 09:12:53

    Very nice! So glad DS2 enjoys the clinical work.


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