We’ve hit the big 90 (post that is), pilgrim..

We just got back from 75 minutes of yoga (DW and I).  The class is mostly women, surprised, not really.  The teacher, a women, mostly instructs and corrects (gently to newbies like me) during the class. She starts off with her sweatshirt on, then the room warms up, off comes the sweatshirt. Then the room continues to warm up (maybe it’s me that continues to warm up) and she has her sweatshirt back on. I’m sweating up a storm, she’s cold.  Somewhere during the class she might turn the air conditioning on, but for just a few minutes.  If it were a men’s yoga class (is there such a thing? and would I want to attend?) the air conditioning would be on the whole time! 

Usually my DW and I have a spot off to the side in the back row where we can “hide” during class. Neither of us is that 20 something, skinny, flexible “I’ve taken yoga since I was ten years old” person. Tonight I was in the back row, but right in the center. I got some extra attention today. All good, extra help is the only way to get better. I really needed to do something tonight. With weekly lacrosse playing becoming irregular and the stress of life, I need an outlet. Either the opportunity to whack somebody with my lacrosse stick or the challenge of getting my body to stretch and bend in ways I never could have imagined.

Kids, hmmm. Everybody is busy doing their own thing. DS2 tweeted a few times today. struggling with Aural skills class. He has a tutor so that should help. He got a 94 on his sociology test. That is good news. DS1 broke my chops earlier in the day about being busy and not communicating with his parents. He did find time late in the day to request that I donate money to the WJU lacrosse team’s golf outing fund-raiser this weekend. One of the coaches needed a fourth player and DS1 came looking for my donation to the cause. See, he does have communication skills. DS3 has been busy and did not check in today. He had a long night of studying last night after his FTX weekend.

I actually went to google today to look up the Empty Nest Syndrome. I have been feeling a little down lately and was not sure how much of the kids being gone was part of it.  I still don’t know, but I am better educated for the effort. I think the toughest thing for me will be the non-contact on a daily basis. We (DW and I) were involved for their entire lives and now a simple text like “good pizza for dinner tonight”  seems out of the question. I am re-thinking my attitude towards this while looking back at my early to mid twenties and my communication with my parents. Based on my experience, my kids communicate with us a lot!  You can figure out the other side of that statement without any help from me. 

Enough Oprah tonight. Here is the picture of the day.  It comes from  Saturday’s drive to Red Bank. Here is a picture of the fall colors on the side of Route 380 between Scranton and Route 80.  Enjoy!

Fall colors


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  1. Christina
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 13:56:08

    Nice! Thanks for the Fall colors.


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