A fine Chianti and post 89, perfect together..

Another humid Sunday night here in New Jersey.   We made it back to home base this afternoon with only a few jerks on the road.  Things were intact at home despite nobody being here for three days. Or maybe that sentence should read, Things were intact since nobody was home for three days. It could go either way. 

Last night after posting, DS2, DW and I attended the casino night and enjoyed the music of Dave Binder.  He is a staple at Marywood, and from reading his website, a staple at many college campuses.  One of the funniest parts of the night is near the end of his performance. He sings the Fast Food Song. Which consists of the names of most of the major fast food brands. The fun part is that the song requires audience participation.  When Dave says the name of the fast food place, the audience does a different gesture, something like the YMCA song. And, as the song goes on, more business are added and the song goes faster. It really is fun to watch and try to follow along. See the video by clicking here.

Sunday morning DS2 was in the choir at Mass. They had a huge turn out (duh, I guess).  Below is a picture of him during the warm up before Mass.  We were both very proud to see him up there singing in the choir. He was the only male voice in the choir.  The back of the chapel swings open so they can accommodate more people outside.  I’ve written it before, and I will write it again. The priest, Father Brian, is the perfect person to be working on a college campus. If we lived in Scranton, we would attend church here. Not just to see our son perform in the choir, but the priest has a way of delivering the message of the week in a way that makes sense.

We just got off the phone with DS3. He was at Camp Smith for his first FTX (field training exercise) with the Army ROTC. He sounded tired, but happy. He enjoyed the weekend outside. They slept on the ground in sleeping bags, No tents or cabins for this group. He said he has quite a few bug bites from the weekend. I asked about insect repellant. He said if you had it, you used it. It was not supplied. OK.

Now he has homework to do for tomorrow. Monday’s 6:30 am PT was cancelled. They will resume PT on Wednesday. 

Picture time. Here are one from church and one from Saturday’s Fall fair.  Enjoy!

Practice before mass @ Marywood University September 2011


@ Marywood University September 2011


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  1. Christina
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 23:44:37

    Wow ! How great was that day!!!


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